Benefits of SaaS based Membership Management Software in Business

What is SaaS?

In simple words, SaaS (Software as a service) is software available for use online. There is no need to download it. You just need to sign up on the internet and use it. Like Yahoo/Gmail, one just needs to sign up in order to use them.

saas meaning

Earlier, we all remember the time when software had to be downloaded according to the space available on hard disks. With bandwidth issues, it would consume a lot of time to download a 6MB software, if the dial-up connection was running fine.

Today, such inconsistencies are hardly there. Bandwidths have improved, downloads happen within seconds and one does not need to maintain software on their own. We see a stride where software is reused, which has already been hosted somewhere.

SaaS is nothing but a software distribution model in which a third-party provider hosts applications and the same is made available to customers over the internet. SaaS is one of the three main categories of cloud computing, alongside infrastructure as a service (IaaS) and platform as a service (PaaS).

With SaaS, the need for organizations to install and run applications on their own computers or their own data centers is eliminated. This abolishes the expense of hardware acquisition, provisioning, and maintenance, as well as software licensing, installation, and support.

Common SaaS scenarios

Be it Outlook, Hotmail, or Yahoo!, if you have used any of these web-based email services, then you have already used a form of SaaS. This email software is located on the service provider’s network and your messages are stored there as well. You can access your email and stored messages from a web browser on any computer or internet-enabled device.


The above examples are free services for personal use. In case if you want to use such services for organizational use, you would want to rent productivity apps, such as email, collaboration, and calendaring; and sophisticated business applications such as customer relationship management (CRM), enterprise resource planning (ERP), and document management. These applications can be used by paying a subscription fee according to the level of use.

How Membroz SaaS (Software as a Service) offering can help your business?

In the digital environment, web-based applications delivered via SaaS are a cost-effective alternative when it comes to delivering effective IT to small and medium-sized organizations.

Following is a list of the benefits of Membroz Software as a Service (SaaS):

  • Quick to Deploy:


You only need a web browser and an internet connection to use Membroz – Membership Software as a service solution. On the other hand, traditional software can take comparatively a lot of time to be completely deployed, whereas SaaS solutions don’t require any software to be installed and can be accessed in a jiffy.

  • Affordable:


Membroz SaaS subscription models do not have large up-front costs and are sold on a subscription basis, which comes with regular upgrades, maintenance options supported by a degree of customer support. Membroz SaaS helps cut costs and expenditures.

  • Zero Infrastructure:

The convolution of the underlying IT infrastructure is all handled by the SaaS vendor. Membroz membership management software provides all support which includes maintenance of hardware or operating system version database support. The team takes care of all of this and hence there is no need to worry about its infrastructure maintenance and support.

  • Guaranteed Levels of Service:

Unlike traditional software, Membroz Software as a service gives a complete guarantee of its performance. With timely updates, SaaS ensures seamless functioning and performance.

  • Seamless Upgrades:


Membroz SaaS providers ensure regular updates and upgrades are released, knocking off the need to install or download patches. At regular intervals, you have assured software updates.

  • Backups and Data Recovery:

Backing up important data can be a laborious task with traditional software unless any automated software solution has been implemented. Membroz membership management software instigates automatic backups without user intervention ensuring data safety.

  • Work Anywhere:

SaaS solutions can be accessed from anywhere in the world, provided you are connected to the internet. Membroz SaaS helps users access data from anywhere, and for home-workers and people who operate from other locations, it makes life easier for them.

  • Security:

In many instances, a SaaS solution helps a business organization keep its information more secure than in traditional software. The information loaded into the SaaS system is secured by a data center which ensures complete security and safety of the information unless the settings are modified by the user who enters the data into the system.

  • High Adoption Rates:

Virtually no learning curve is involved with adopting a new solution, given the fact that SaaS solutions are delivered over the internet since employees already use the internet to work.

  • Long Term Customer Relationship:

We keep customers at the forefront while developing our solutions and we leave no stone unturned in formulating flawless systems that function seamlessly.

Software as a service helps you increase your margins. Partnering with a Software as a service company is beneficial having the most resounding impact on the timeshare and fitness industry. Be it the gym, club, or timeshare industry, while considering the costs of rent, payroll, equipment maintenance, and constant fluctuation of memberships sustaining a consistent and profitable margin is a tiring venture. And this situation is common in every industry. However, by opting to have the right technology, a lot of unrequired expenditure can be controlled thereby increasing your margins.

SaaS has become the first choice by organizations replacing on-premise systems with technologically advanced SaaS applications. SaaS technology cloud computing, enabling users to store and access data and programs over the internet instead of on your computer’s hard drive. Traditional on-premise software requires prodigious hardware systems to store data and regular maintenance for optimal efficiency. All users on the SaaS platform share a common code base and infrastructure that are centrally maintained by the vendor. SaaS helps customers reap additional benefits of lower upfront investment costs, less capital requirement for IT operations, faster time to deployment, and more frequent upgrades and bug fixes.

On the whole, the impact SaaS has on margins comes primarily from reducing the total cost of ownership, thereby improving business processes which also helps save a lot of time.

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