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For clubs and organizations, club software improves member experience, automates chores, and streamlines operations. It manages events, communications, member registration, and renewals with efficiency. The smooth administration made possible by this resort software promotes member involvement and organizational expansion.

Optimizing Operations with the best resort management software

Onboarding New Members

Allow self-onboarding at reception with the help of Club Member Management Software.

  • Fill membership form with PARQ consent
  • Capture and upload Photo
  • Select type of membership and start date
  • Get digital contract signature 
  • Get Direct debit upon onboarding
  • Assign future membership for existing members

Onboarding New Members

Increase room occupancy with Membroz’s front desk

Managing hotel reservations from the club membership management system that members request is simple. Gives a detailed picture of the member usage summary and a simple way to enter the fee and booking. Use a kiosk to record visitor movement, issue visitor passes and collect visitor details.

Generate extra revenue with integrated POS

Point of Sales for Restaurant and retail business. Inventory management & KOT view for kitchen. View orders, manage task assignments, and check order progress in real time with the help of resort and club membership management software

Point Of Sale
Member Activity Tracking

Track Membership usage, financial reports, and analytics

The most effective instrument for data analysis, comparison, and segregation is Membroz reporting. Reports on business intelligence that can be customized will be provided upon request. Reports from the online resort booking system are modifiable by the administrator and are dynamic. With POS, sales and booking invoices as well as payment receipts can be produced. Additionally, users with permission can create other vouchers such as salary, purchase invoices, and expense vouchers.

A mobile app to let you manage and communicate with members on the go

Members can instantly connect through an online resort management system Mobile App, check available slots and schedule service, submit their queries, check facilities and make bookings, make payments, and update their profile.

Manage and Communicate

Product Features of best resort membership software

membership management software

Membership Management

Collect payment online, view reports, and reminders for renewal, and easily communicate with members with integrated email and communication tools.


Payment & Billing

Easy and secure access, auto-generate bill based on payment terms, create invoices, receive payments online and keep track of payments.


Booking & Cost Management

Customize your services, booking rules with flexible setup options. View an entire booking, set special discounts for services.


Member Mobile App

The client can register, make a booking, get instant confirmation & make payment. Submit inquiry & service feedback on the mobile app.


Get customize reports

Manage Expenses, Invoices, Bills & Salaries. Generate Balance sheet, Income & Cashflow statement.


Inquiry Management

Capture inquiry generated from various sources like website, reference, and direct meet. Manage to follow up and closer.

Frequently Asked Questions of club membership software

The administration of memberships in communities, associations, and other types of member-based organizations may be fully automated with the help of membership management software. Make use of specialist software solutions. You will be able to efficiently manage the activities of offline membership organizations, clubs, communities, and events in the digital environment that is available online.

Clubs that use a membership management system can better adapt to new rules and regulations. The criteria for clubs to comply are constantly evolving in response to new laws and regulations that affect club operations. Without an automated system, these changes may be rather challenging to handle. Club membership management software is important because it helps keep tabs on dues and other data, plan events, and communicate with members one-on-one.

Resort membership management software helps groups and clubs run more smoothly, automates mundane tasks, and provides a better experience for members. The system efficiently handles member registration, communications, events, and renewals. One of the main goals of the Membroz Resort Software Management System is to make it easy for guests to book rooms for their tours. Since the Resort Management System accounts for all expenses, customers may also plan for their other expenses.

One of the best things about the Membroz online resort booking system is its ease of use. The system’s emphasis on simplicity guarantees a favorable and simple user experience, which guarantees a seamless reservation procedure. Members can access the resort management system using a mobile app, where they may see available slots, schedule services, send inquiries, see amenities, make reservations, pay, and edit their profile.

Consumers can make reservations for rooms and examine amenities online thanks to Resort Management, which offers a facility that integrates the various resorts’ branches. Resort software may benefit from a comprehensive system for managing all of their activities. Things like cleanliness, amenities, maintenance, personnel shifts, and reservations fall under this category. Seasonal packages, commission-free reservations, payment processing, and much more may all be managed with its support.

Membroz is the best available Resort membership software India. This software eliminates time-consuming tasks, and members are provided with a straightforward, practical, and cutting-edge method of managing their membership. In addition, they provide integration services for third parties for biometric and RFID attendance systems, among other services.

A complete system for controlling a resort’s activities can be beneficial. This includes tidying up, facilities, repairs, staff schedules, and bookings. With its help, you may handle many things, including commission-free bookings, payment processing, seasonal packages, etc. The customer can effortlessly automate repetitive and time-consuming tasks via the Membership Management Software workflow automation.

Resorts have become more critical to the tourism sector. As a result, many resort owners have turned to resort management software to track the increasing number of customers, visitors, and guests. Resorts increasingly turn to automated systems like resort management software to serve their visitors better and simplify and standardize their day-to-day operations. Online Resort management software allows you to manage your reservations, money, chores, and guest interactions from a single platform.

Yes, most club management software in India and the US offers online payment management facilities. These platforms typically integrate with popular payment gateways to facilitate secure online transactions for membership fees, event registrations, and other dues.  Yes, Membroz software manages online payments through selected online payments in India, the US, and Globally.

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