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Powerful Membership Management software many businesses types

Cloud solutions for business to help them acquire new customer, customer engagement and growth.

Automating routine tasks can save a lot of time

Workflow automation of Membership management system allows the client to automate mundane and time-consuming operations easily.

  • Extension of Membership
  • Class Scheduling & Waitlist Management
  • Automatic debit and reminders
  • Surveys and Feedbacks

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Process Automation

Take data-driven decisions with BI dashboard and Reports

Membroz's Best membership management software , Membroz offers Analytics tools and a BI dashboard to make sense of massive amounts of data, empowering you to make decisions based on hard evidence.

  • Daily/Weekly/Monthly digest emails
  • BI reports
  • A user-role-specific dashboard
  • Graphical Dashboard

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Integrating devices to monitor and control access to a facility

Integrating your devices with your access control system is a foolproof way to keep tabs on who is coming and going from your building. Membroz Membership system software has built-in support for access control systems, including kisi, suprema , Matrix, and many more.

  • Member Access Management
  • Time-Based Access
  • Guest and Visitor Access
  • Real-Time Monitoring

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Realtime Monitoring
Calendar Booking

Single calendar view for all type of booking

Managing Schedule for Class/Program, PT or Facility booking from single Calendar view Membroz Calendar give you the ability to edit classes, courses, appointments as well as the ability to book and check-in clients to those classes, courses, and appointments.

  • Book clients into classes or one-on-one appointment
  • Cancel or Reschedule their bookings
  • Manage Staff Availability
  • View Calendar data with Service/Staff/Facility filter
  • Increase class capacity
  • Add your clients to a waitlist
  • Check client into class with Checkin portal/App

  • Integrated Point-of-Sale Systems Improve Financial Results

    Implementing SaaS Membership management system can be a helpful technique for increasing income because it streamlines sales procedures, enhances members' experiences, and presents potential for additional sales.

  • Point of Sale Merchandise
  • Personal Training Sessions
  • Gift Cards and Vouchers
  • Online and Mobile App Integration
  • Point Of Sale
    cloud infrastructure - Membroz

    Use the worldwide cloud infrastructure to expand your business

    Best Membership management Software,Membroz Saas Membership Platform utilizes the worldwide cloud infrastructure provided by Amazon and Microsoft, allowing your business to scale on a grand scale. You can expand your business without worrying about the underlying software or infrastructure.

    • Data centre closer to your location
    • Automatic backup
    • Highest data security standard with encryption
    • 99.99% availability

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    Total Fitness Gym uses Membroz “Gym Management Software“ to manage

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    7 Seasons Resort & Spa uses Membroz “Club Management Software”

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    Are you looking for the best membership software Enterprise Plan?

    Membroz Enterprise Plan offers unmatched benefits for a big organization with multi-locations and large users.
    Enterprise Plan starts at $500/month Billable Yearly
    Help us understand what you need to stay competitive and grow your business with Membroz.

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    Membroz user-friendly Mobile App

    Member & Customer can connect with you via UI friendly mobile App. Our free CRM software allows them to make payments, browse and purchase products, recharge wallets, enroll or renew membership, make and confirm schedules of service appointments, book facilities, and make the payment instantly.