With workflow automation, you have the power to automate tedious and repetitive tasks in simple steps. Membroz can send a response every time a new member is added. It will automatically set the member's privileges based on membership rules. It will send a message when membership is about to expire. Send out offers & promo code with a single click. Auto-generate reports, invoices & other documents.

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Data analytics & BI Tools

Small or Large your business may be, you need data analytics to get correct picture of your business & activity. Membroz provide Analytics tools and BI dashboard to view large data set in meaningful way. Daily/Weekly/Monthly digest email in your inbox will keep you updated on your business functioning and daily dealing.

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Hardware & API Integration

Device & API integration is very important in world of IOT & digitization, connect your Mobile/Desktop POS terminal, Attendance or security check machine, or any IOT device with Membroz, you can rely on us for that. Membroz can easily integrate with 3rd Party application with click of button. Some popular Payment gateway like Stripe, PayU, RazorPay, PayPal etc integration are provided builtin so you don't need do anything. You can configure your choice of Communication channel for SMS, Email, Whatsapp etc.

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Membroz Enterprise & SLA

With any IT service being offered it is very important to have an SLA (Service Level Agreement) between the service provider and the client. With many businesses the SLA in place is at times very rigid in terms of being able to be used with all types of businesses. Membroz Enterprise offer customizable SLA as per your business needs in regards to changes in our solution offer. The SLA offered by Membroz is client oriented rather than solution oriented which helps in better co-ordination between the teams.

Cloud solution hosted on AWS & Azure

Membroz is hosted on Amazon & Microsoft global cloud infrastructure, closer to your location. We follow strict data security practice.

Access your business Anywhere, Anytime, Any Device


Success Stories

Club Hozo

Club Hozo is part of hospitality business. They offer best

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Times Vacanza

Times Vacanza is part of hospitality business of Times group.

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Yoga Topics

Yogatopics is Mumbai based Yoga studio which offers various Yoga

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Membroz user friendly mobile app

Membroz user friendly mobile app

Member & Customer can connect with you via UI friendly mobile App. Allow them to make payment, browse and purchase products, recharge wallet, enroll or renew membership, make and confirm service appointment, book facility and make payment instantly.