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To integrate with Ezee and other software, begin by accessing Ezee’s API. Develop the integration using the provided endpoints and authentication methods, ensuring compatibility with the other software. This process streamlines operations by connecting Ezee with the desired software, facilitating automation and seamless data synchronization between the two systems.

Owners Week

  • "Owners Week" in PMS integration likely refers to a specific event or period for property owners.
  • It could involve tailored features within the PMS software for owner-related tasks.
  • This concept might include dedicated communication channels or reporting functionalities.
  • "Owners Week" could signify a focused time frame for owner engagement and participation.
  • Implementation varies based on the PMS software and management objectives.

PMS Software
Bonus Time

Bonus Time

  • "Bonus Time" in PMS integration could refer to a feature allowing property owners or guests to access additional perks or benefits.
  • It might involve special offers, discounts, or exclusive access to amenities during certain periods.
  • This concept could be managed through the PMS software, enabling seamless integration with booking systems and guest management.
  • "Bonus Time" functionality could enhance guest satisfaction and loyalty while optimizing property revenue.
  • Implementation may vary based on the specific PMS software and the preferences of property management.

Exchange Week

  • "Exchange Week" in PMS Integration refers to a feature allowing users to swap their allocated property usage period.
  • It facilitates seamless communication between the PMS and external exchange networks.
  • Users can access available exchange options directly within the PMS interface.
  • Automation streamlines the exchange process, including reservation adjustments and inventory updates

Exchange Week
Rental Week

Rental Week

  • "Rental Week" in PMS Integration typically refers to a designated timeframe during which a property is rented out to guests.
  • It involves managing reservations, availability, and pricing for rental periods within the Property Management System (PMS).
  • PMS Integration facilitates seamless communication with booking platforms, enabling real-time updates of rental availability and pricing.
  • Automation features streamline rental management tasks such as check-ins, check-outs, and billing processes within the PMS interface.

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