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Membroz is the right move to grow business

Your dream to start a business and passion for getting fit have come true together. What next? Introducing Membroz Gym Management Software, a complete management software with everything that you need in order to manage your customers and build a real connection with them. Membroz lets you manage gym members, attendance, set gym schedule, check team performance, set diet for members, automate billing and payment. That’s not all. What makes us really unique is,

Workout & Progress Report

The number one reason why novice gym members quit is not because they’re bored but because they don’t know what to do with their time at the gym. With Membroz workout planner no gym member goes unattended and they know exactly what to do in their session without a trainer around. Also, who doesn’t like to know how much they’ve improved with their time at the gym? With progress report customers can check exactly that. Progress report encourages gym members to keep pushing, thereby turning them into loyal customers. And there is no promotion like a loyal customer promotion.


Membership Freeze & Extensions

How often do you find people joining the gym and quitting mid membership period because they have to go out of town for a few months. Membroz gives you the ability to freeze membership for your customers at their behest. Customers can unfreeze and continue right where they left with their membership thereby saving your customers money which in turn helps you build trust with your customers. Membroz also lets you extend membership for your loyal customers by adding a special offer plan to their existing one which takes their loyalty for you to another level.

Online Classes

If you think that your gym or yoga class has taken a hit due to current scenarios, think no more. Because Membroz lets you integrate online classes in to your services. This helps you conduct your classes live to your members. You can also upload pre-recorded sessions that can be viewed by members at their own convenient time. You can also create highlights of these sessions as short videos to help publicize/promote your skill to a vast audience around the world, thereby taking your gym to a global member base.


Biometric Attendance

An owner always has the security and safety of his business a top priority and when it comes to gyms it is very highly necessary. When you subscribe to the Membroz it brings security and client management under one roof. If you as an owner already have hardware for the biometric system, we can help you integrate it seamlessly with our solutions under agreed SLA terms.

Product Features

Membership Management

Send bill to your members with integrated payment processing and automated reminders for membership renewal, events and special classes. Members can update their information, renew membership and pay membership dues.

Holiday & Attendance Calendar

Membroz membership software provides holiday & attendance calendar to manage your gym/yoga class holidays and track attendance of your members/employees in a faster, easier and convenient way. Members/employees can also check their attendance.

Personal Trainer & Class Scheduling

Manage and track trainer commission and classes with special personal training management system. Members can also register for personal training.

Payment & Cost Management

Manage membership charges, Auto generate bill based on payment terms, flexible way to generate receipts and vouchers.

User Access Control

Manage Users, Manage User Profiles, Manage Roles, Manage Groups, Record and Data sharing based on Users, Protects confidential information.

Account & Finance Reporting

Manage Expense, Invoices, Bills & Salary. Generate Balance sheet, Income & Cashflow statement.

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