Sale & transfer ownership contract

Fixed, Floating or whole ownership contract

Membroz owner contracts enable the sale of single or multiple contracts to the same owner, offering the flexibility to sell either split or whole ownership of a unit.

  • Establish various contract types tailored to payment terms and units sold
  • Provide diverse ownership options such as fixed, floating, or rotating weeks.
  • Offer the sale of deeds or leasing options for specified durations.
  • Enable owners to select from different units within the same unit type.
  • Facilitate the holding or transfer of contracts to new owners while retaining the history of previous owners.

Timeshare Software
Weeks allocation with automatic process

Owner Portal

Owners can access their payment details and invoices via the owner portal. A secure login enables them to view their contracts, usage, and weeks calendar.

  • Owners have access to their payment details and invoices through the owner portal login.
  • Owners can conveniently make online payments for any outstanding invoices, thereby reducing staff workload.
  • Owners can view reservations and opt to rent out weeks if they're not utilizing them, generating additional income from their timeshare.
  • Owners can communicate with the property manager through the support ticketing system.

Looking for an Enterprise Plan?

Membroz Enterprise Plan offers unmatched benefits for a big organization with multi-locations and large users.
Enterprise Plan starts at $500/month Billable Yearly
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