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Membroz is the right move to grow business

Businesses in the service industry can really benefit through Membroz. It helps streamline their services and helps them pull up data on any services they’ve done in the past on a product. Now, this can include a service provider for TV repairs all the way up to vehicle garages. Knowing your customer requirements goes a long way when to comes to customer satisfaction and membroz is here to do just that. Membroz Workshop Management Software helps you out with billing, customer enquiry resolution, and much more.

Service Package & Terms

With the number of services that a business offer, the best thing to do is set up packages for your customer. Packages are the best way to club services together for a more wholesome experience for the customers. Membroz lets you come up with the package and also the terms of it to avoid repetition. All you got to do is present the packages of service on offer to your customer and let them decide. Once you’ve subscribed to membroz you won’t need anything else. All you have to do is manage your business.


Service History

Service history helps you provide great value to your existing/repeat customers. Once a product is serviced at your store and the data is stored in membroz. From that moment on every time it shows up for service, you’re going to know exactly what needs to be done or what the fault is by looking at the history of services conducted on the product. This eliminates the need to interrogate your customer as to what the fault is and they are happy that you recognize them which helps build loyalty and trust among your customers.

Product Features


Customer Management

Collect payment online, view reports, reminders for renewal, easily communicate with members with integrated email and communication tools.


Payment & Billing

Easy and secure access, auto-generate bill based on payment terms, create invoices, receive payments online and keep track of payments.


Appointment & Cost Management

Customize your services, appointment rules with flexible setup options. View an entire booking, set special discounts for services.


Customer Mobile App

Customers can register, book appointments, get instant confirmation & make payment. Submit inquiry & service feedback on the mobile app.


Account & Finance Reporting

Manage Expenses, Invoices, Bills & salaries. Generate Balance sheet, Income & Cashflow statement.


Inquiry Management

Capture inquiry generated from various sources like website, reference, and direct meet. Manage to follow up and closer.

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