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Club Houses

We’re building the next generation of the club industry.

Whether your club house is small, large, public or fully private Membroz Club  Management Software provides all the solutions to fit your needs. Easy to use interface can be accessible from mobile, tablet or desktop system.  You can also customize system to include the right information for your business needs. In this software we provide all the facilities to keep track all the details of members, subscriptions, bookings, payments, club events, email/message reminders for membership renewal, inquiries, questionnaires and perform general club management tasks like team performance and much more.

Gym & Yoga Classes

A time saving solution for fitness business.

Running a successful fitness business like Gym and Yoga Classes require hard work and spending hours on hand operated administrative tasks take away from time that could be spent with your members. Membroz Gym and Yoga Class management software offers all features and necessary tools which helpful to grow your fitness business and spend less time in the back office.

The best Yoga class and gym software by Membroz provides fitness industry the functionality to manage scheduling, membership renewal, payment processing, attendance tracking and team performance such as sales and trainers. You can also customize almost everything in the system to include the right information for your business needs. The entire system is complete user-friendly and can be accessible from mobile, tablet or desktop system.

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Vacation Ownership

For every aspect of today’s vacation ownership industry.

Membroz Vacation Ownership and Timeshare Software brings a revolutionary on demand system to the vacation ownership industry allows you to schedule tour, manage members, booking and payment system.

System also provides payment reminders, booking confirmation and membership renewal alerts to members. Season calendar and Season factor calculation is completely customizable to make it easy to run member room booking and vacation planning.

Membroz vacation ownership system can be easily customized to fit your unique business needs, improving closing rates, tour volume, and overall profitability. You can easily operate this system by mobile, tablet and from desktop

Event Management

Powering Successful Events for organizations of all sizes and industries.

Membroz offers best event management software from planning to promotion to check in.

Stop wasting time on manual processes and maximize the impact of your outstanding events with the integrated solution that does it all.

Use professional event management software that easily manage the event planning process, provides time and cost savings, increases attendees, and gives you the proper analytics tool to prove and improve the value of your events.

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Apartment & Housing Society

Time to move away from countless numbers of hard work.

In this digital era apartment and housing society need a much easy solution for its proper management, which can replace the human efforts. Membroz offers a web based residential apartment and housing society management software which completely reduce the manual work and efficiently manage all day to day activities such as visitors log for housing society. Membroz Society management system has deal with accounting system and manage meetings, tasks, register, complaints and all the documents. This system also take care of all other facilities and activities under the residential premises. It also provides communication platform to all the members are involved and get updates and notifications for an upcoming event, meeting and due dates through E-mail and Messages.

Association Management Companies

All in one management tool.

Membroz association management software is a complete platform for particular organization, business and trade to interact and overlook members of association. This system provides many of the common functionalities of association management processes need to handle such as subscription renewals, event registrations, communications management and reporting. Membroz association management tools save all members details, maintain membership and sponsorship levels, tracking membership dues and renewals, facilitate with reminder system, meeting attendance and many more.

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nonprofit management


Bring your board to the next level.

Non-profits organizations are generally faced with the similar problems like lack of unorganized planning, communication gap, ownership of work by board members and volunteers, and keep thorough records of organization’s important documents and time spent. Membroz has the perfect Non-profits management system to solve those common issues, entire system is a web based tool that helps to boards of directors to systematize tasks, save documents, easily communicate with team members by email and messages and more.

Some of our clients already uses Membroz to run their business everyday...!

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