User & Permission Management

Benefits of User and Permission Module

With the help of Membroz, managing user, roles and permissions is very easy and reliable. In the large organizations, it becomes difficult to maintain all the user information and provide them the required access. To solve this problem Membroz membership software offers single handed module. With the help of User &  Permission Management module, the Property owner can maintain the entire database for the record, just after the registration of an user or property member is done.

What You Need to Know About Managing Users

Users has their personal profile in the system, where they can see the their personal details, the number of users has been created, & the application roles for all the users who have access given to system in the Enterprise. All users defined in the backend as per the chosen property. From here, you can change user role assignments, change te seasonwise propert type, and revoke user permissions. We provide all the flexible modules where an owner can add or delete any option, as suitable.

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