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Do you have fractional ownership of various properties around the country? Don’t know how do you manage it? With Membroz Timeshare Software, we’ve got you covered. All you need is to subscribe to Membroz and we’ll bring all your properties under one roof. With just a click of a button, you can make changes to your property listing and the services that you offer on each property, and much more.

Revolutionize your property with Timeshare Software for Vacation

Owner Management, Payments, and Usage Training

Oversee owner contracts, notes, documents, payment records, pending payments, and their vacation utilization in one place effortlessly. The owner profile offers a detailed overview, compete with seamless and timeline communication options. Easily get connected with the owners via mobile alerts, SMS, and emails for fast interactions. Get direct access to the account statement and usage history with simplicity.


Seasonal Rate Scheduling

Efficiently handle the distinct rate plans tailored to several special occasions and seasons. Utilize our automated system for adjusting daily rates based on availability and occupancy. Streamline daily rate management for every unit type with ease.

Reservation and Availability Calendar

Facilitate the management of reservations for hotel guests, owners, and exchange guests. Receive a detailed view of the owner with guest booking, unit availability, and unit occupancy using a single integrated calendar. Enjoy the convenience of automated fixed ownership reservations and seamless integration with different booking platforms such as Expedia, Booking.com, SiteMinder, etc.


Front Desk and Rental Booking

Ensure streamlined rental booking requests and allocate rooms promptly to guests using a unified interface. Handle several access points with an intuitive color-coded menu and receive real-time regular updates on room status. Conduct night audits, access arrival reports, etc., with just a few clicks.

Staff Assignments and Unit Maintenance

Maintenance ticketing provides a convenient and user-friendly way to oversee maintenance and all the orders at the resort. With its help, assigning tasks, updating room status automatically, and keeping track of the task dashboard is simple and quick. The staff members can increase their efficiency by using a mobile app to check and update all the tasks in real time.


Services Of Timeshare Software

lead management

Lead Management

Membroz timeshare lead management feature easily manages leads from start to end. Also, it effectively manages each contact & quickly qualifies leads.

calendar management

Season Calendar

Season calendars are how the timeshare industry classifies the popularity of various locations during different seasons of the year. Clubs and resorts adjust their costs based on the time of year and the desirability of the location to travelers.

membership management software

Membership Management

Fully user-friendly membership management tool, you can automate membership renewal reminders and invoices, set payment of membership fees, update, and share membership data, and also provides member self-service for updating their contact information.

activity management

User Activity Log

Automatically collect and analyze user logs from your network devices and databases, and proactively block and respond to unauthorized or suspicious user-initiated actions.

performance management

Sales & Performance Management

In this niche, it’s very important to have an incentive module for the sales team, staff, or employee which boost their morale, and increase productivity.

member management

Member Self Service

Member self-service allows members to let themselves with a secure login and check their bookings, make payments & use the services.

Looking for an Enterprise Plan?

Membroz Enterprise Plan offers unmatched benefits for a big organization with multi-locations and large users.
Enterprise Plan starts at $500/month Billable Yearly
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