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Do you have fractional ownership of various properties around the country? Don’t know how do you manage it? With Membroz Timeshare Software, we’ve got you covered. All you need is to subscribe to membroz and we’ll bring all your properties under one roof. With just a click of a button you can make changes to your property listing and the services that you offer on each property and much more.

Tour Package & Itinerary

Set packages as per your convenience and demands from customer. Seeing a trend among the majority of customers asking for one particular thing instead of having to reply to each one of them individual. You can convert it into a package and display it on your website. All the customer does is select the package and is good to go. Membroz, also lets you create itinerary for tourist/customers visiting your place. Plan out their day and let them fall in love with your services and city to eventual become your lifelong customers.


Discount & cashback offers

Planning on setting offers to attract customers. Membroz makes it easy to set discount & cashback offers. Through Membroz you can also send out messages to customers who have already visited earlier by offering them discounts and turn them into repeat customers. With Membroz you can customize who can avail the offer whether you wish to reward your loyal customers or encourage new ones. Let membroz manage your property while you focus on scaling it.

Services Of Timeshare Software

Lead Management

Membroz timeshare lead management feature easily manages lead from start to end. Also, it effectively manages each contacts & quickly qualify leads.

Season Calendar

Season calendars are how the timeshare industry classifies the popularity of various locations during different seasons of the year. Clubs and resorts adjust their costs based on the time of year and the desirability of the location to travelers.

Membership Management

Fully user-friendly membership management tool, you can automate membership renewal reminders and invoices, set payment of membership fees, update and share membership data, also provides member self-service for update their contact information.

User Activity Log

Automatically collect and analyse user logs from your network devices and databases, proactively block and respond to unauthorized or suspicious user initiated actions.

Sales & Performance Management

In this niche, it’s very important to have incentive module for sales team, staff or employee which boost their moral, increase productivity.

Member Self Service

Member self-service allows members to let themselves with a secure login and check their bookings, make payments & use the services.

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