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Man is a social animal and hence we end up forming groups with people having the same culture or similar profession for we know that unity is strength. This helps us help each other in our community. Membroz Society Management Software is here to keep the unity intact and help your community or association function without much trouble. Everything from having a repository of members to making announcements in your community Membroz has got your back.

Member Directory

Managing members, knowing what each one does profession-wise, how many family members are there in a member’s family is all made easily accessible online with Membroz’s membership directory software. People wanting to consult a doctor in their own community can easily go through the membership directory software to do so. It helps the members see the hierarchy of their community. Membroz acts as the database for your community.

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Every community has funds to help their members or gets donations in order to carry out charity work. Membroz takes the pain of managing donations by integrating your types of online transactions. It lets you as the community leader to check details of a donations like the date when it was received, the transaction number through online transaction processing systems. Membroz helps you stay on top of your online transactions.

Product Features

membership management software

Membership Management

Customize membership management tool which secure member data, reports, member directory and profile, track membership dues and renewal.

Meeting And Event Management

Keep a free record of meeting attendance, plan and execute the entire life cycle of association meeting and event management in event management software.

Communication & Reminder

Provide integrated communication system, send reminder by email/SMS for upcoming events and meetings.

Raise Donation/Fund

Collect donation/fund and distribute it for purpose, set budget & Target through online transaction processing systems.


Account & Finance Reporting

Manage Expense, Invoices, Bills & Salary. Generate Balance sheet, Income & Cashflow statement

Member Directory

membership directory software to search and contact fellow member & colleagues.

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