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Online Housing Society Management Software

Online Housing Society Management Software which manages society activities, accounting, meetings, events and communication. Manage your apartment with best apartment management software which can help to manage day-to-day tasks, track multiple accounts, and minimize cost and security risks.

The ultimate solution for housing society management

Nowadays the number of residential societies have increased that needs a fast and easy solution for its proper management, which might replace the manual work. Any Co-operative Society or Housing Society want an easier and efficient Society Management Software System for managing its day-to-day activities which can even manage society’s visitor’s entry additionally. Membroz housing society management software has not only managed its accounts and complains however ought to keep a watch on all alternative facility and activities below the society premise.

Membroz Society Management Software is provided with a best solution for managing membership, society accounting, workers wedges, manage meetings, register and common work of society. You can also create a community group in which every member is involved and gets updates and reminders for an upcoming event/meeting through email or message.

Best Housing Society Management Software by Membroz can be easily accessible by mobile, tablet or desktop.

Easy to use Apartment Management Software

Apartment Management Software is a complete new concept to manage and grow your small to large residential building.

Membroz apartment management software provides effective functionalities:

  • Reduce general and administrative costs.
  • Configurable lease formula and provides for standardization of lease calculation by lease type.
  • Financial integration for accounting, maintenance accounting and investment accounting.
  • Our apartment management software provides real-time data on service charges and creates respective invoices for the same.
  • This system efficiently manages specific discount details, penalties due dates and other vital details.
  • Flexible reporting from standard system reports to comprehensive exponential reporting.
apartment management software

Streamline Your Membership Management With Membroz

Easily manage residential apartment & housing society

Manage Members

The member management tool helps to manage society’s members information, documents, parking details and rental agreements.

Visitor Management

Maintain all the records of visitors, keep entry of each visitor, maintain the in-time and out-time of visitor.

Staff Management

Save record of staff details along with identity proof, residential address and photograph. Daily attendance of staff members.

Facility Maintenance

Keeps a watch on all the amenities and their maintenance schedules, check societies day-to-day works.

Complain & Inquiry Management

Record and highlights complains and additionally you can give suggestions. You can also manage inquiries of your society or apartment.


Notify all the society members for events, meetings, upcoming birthdays of society members, plan of society related work through email/messages.

Some of our clients already uses Membroz to run their business everyday...!

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