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sales performance management

Best Sales Performance Management Tool

Sales performance management tool helps to monitoring and guiding sales team to improve their ability to achieving end target.

In any organization sales team is playing an important role to achieving the end targets.

Membroz timeshare software and gym software inbuilt tool sale & contracting module has functionality to making job of managing the sales team faster, accurate & efficient.

It helps sales team to gauge their performance based on the processing data.

It allows you to create & manage your inventory & then handles your daily tasks from raising the contracts to processing, conversions to trade-ins & upgrades/supersedes.

Benefits of Sale Performance Management Module

The importance of getting the contract signed as quickly as possible, this module helps you to track each process in just one click.

It gives full control over the sales process; you can create member contracts, addendums in the module.

You can select automatic commission features & manage the ownership to the payroll.

The sales module has the option to make an upgrade or supersede with flexible equity calculations.

Check out Membroz sales & contract module features below & use them smartly:

sales performance management

Services of Sales Performance Management Tool

Membroz software covered each aspect of the sales process

  • Member contracts

  • Member can create contract easily and get it printed. It will make the process easy & finish the time-consuming task into a quick, accurate & professional procedure.
  • Addendums

  • Addendums module will help you to add any document or additional material into the original contract with ease.
  • Automatic Commissions

  • All sales are added directly into the system, including each transaction. As per the selected option automatically commissions get deducted.
  • Manage Ownership

  • Once the contract has been signed, the timeshare’s sales module automatically creates the required field to manage new owners or users, so they can start using the software & customize as per requirements.
  • Upgrades/Supersedes

  • Membroz sales module provides the option to make upgrade or supersede with flexible solutions to make the process easy.

Some of our clients already uses Membroz to run their business everyday...!

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