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When restaurants are crowded, waiters have to keep too many orders in mind and sometimes get confused about the table that ordered. Membroz Restaurant Management Software has this unique feature ‘Kitchen Order Ticketing’ – once customer’s order their food on the tablet provided to them. The list of food items ordered is displayed on a huge screen in the kitchen. This eliminates the need for pinning paper to the kitchen counter and avoids wastage of time. As soon as the order is placed it is seamlessly displayed on the kitchen display without delay for faster turn-around time of the food ordered.

Menu Creation

Membroz lets the chef be in charge of the menu. Once the menu is created and set for the day it is integrated with all the tablets and waiters don’t have to memorize the entire menu. Also, with menu creation everyday can be a different style of cuisine. Say goodbye to the traditional menu’s which once printed are there for a lifetime. With menu creation you can let your customers decide what they want by letting them select a range of raw products on the menu that are listed by your chef thereby creating a new dining experience every day.


Table Booking & Queue Management

Restaurants can get really busy on weekends and during this time the host/hostess have the tough job of managing the waiting crowd. Membroz is here to make their job easy and help the restaurant run seamlessly. The host/hostess notes down the name and count of diners in their tablet. The host/hostess are notified every time a table becomes available to be occupied. Depending on the number of diners dining together, the table configuration and who is first on the list, the host takes the diners to their respective table. Subscribe to membroz and let the amazing customer reviews ensue.

Product Features

Sales & Taxes Tracking

Track record of credit card and cash transactions. Keep record of all your items sold, record & analyse sales data, determine profit, keep record for taxes according to your local or state business and alcohol tax laws.

Menu Setup

A flexible way to categorize menu items, set item price & availability. Easily setup multiple menus for different occasions.

Order Management

Manage and view tables & order status. Take pickup and delivery orders. Transfer tickets quickly, change item quantities, change item prices, repeat drinks or menu items, keep track of reservations, and adjust gratuity or taxes.

Inventory Control

Improved control over your purchasing, costings, recipe management processes & reduce wastage of food. Inventory tracking is useful in any food-based environment, as well as in bars and pubs too. You can also get notification on current stock status.

Employee Management

Manage employee details, scheduling and payroll, track and adjust employee’s working hours, calculate employee overtime, monitor sales performance and set security levels to protect the system.

Dashboard And Reports

Different dashboard for Waiter, Manager and Supervisor. Generate daily reports on Cash flow, collections, customer feedback etc. Generate Business intelligence report to compare profits and loss.

Wallet System

Allows customers to make the payment by membership card or registered mobile number. Customer can use wallet cash during payment & payment will be deducted from their wallet.

Discount Coupons

Customize coupon: discount type, value, expiration date & code pattern. Send personalized coupon codes through email & SMS. Deliver coupons automatically based on scheduler.


Online Payment

Secure payment integration that is easy to use. Our payment gateway can enable a restaurant the ability to accept all major credit and debit card payments, online wallet and loyalty points.

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