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Membroz is the right move to grow business

If you as a business owner are successful in your niche and want to expand your branches elsewhere but there are monetary reasons that are stopping you from doing so. The best possible way to carry your own with the expansion without a bank loan is by franchising your business.

Back office? Cloud Office!

With Membroz franchise plan, every location gets its individual login along with a head office login. This lets you monitor all your franchise locations all at once in one spot. Helping you better understand which location needs more attention.

Manage & Supply Inventory Efficiently

Manage & Supply Inventory Efficiently

No matter what business, there is always inventory that needs to be at hand. Failing to stock the inventory in time can lead to a lose of sales or poor service on your part. To help avoid these low inventory problems orders are placed by the system as soon as it goes below the minimum threshold with the vendors in the data. Thereby ensuring there is a continuous flow of inventory come what may.

Improve Financial Performance

With the overview of every location-wise franchise, it helps you understand what is working and what isn’t for that area. At Membroz it has always been one of the goals to help businesses save cost. With reports about finances of every location, helps you in analyzing the flow of cash and what can be done to save cost in the most effective way possible.



Marketing helps you prioritize your market cap for locations that need it the most, example, a new location of a franchise needs to be marketed more for people to see than a new offer or a deal. Staying on top with priorities like this when it comes to marketing helps save cost for your business.

Staff Scheduling

Employees are the whole & soul in any business. In order for a business to help serve a customer to the best of its abilities, it has to manage its employees as well. The staff scheduling feature helps you plan your shifts for your staff and their leave period.

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Understanding sources of income is important because it helps a business know its most selling and most profitable features. It can also highlight features, products or services that aren’t selling as planned, then you decide whether to revamp them or get rid of them altogether.

Internal Communication & Reporting

The success mantra or the main reason behind the success of a franchise is that the service or product is standard in every location. In order to make sure that all the locations are following the procedure to the T, communication should be of utmost priority. Make it easy for associates to create reports for their managers. It also makes sure that the reports are by default sent to their immediate managers once the report is complete. Helping managers understand the growth and lose points.


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