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event management software

Easy to use Online Event Management Software

Online event management software which allows you to navigate every aspect of your event efficiently for industries and organizations of all sizes. Best event planning tool for event registration, event attendee management, check-ins and reporting. Manage your event with Membroz best event management software.

If you’re an event organizer, perhaps you are good at managing multiple tasks under time pressure. This is because to create a smooth and successful event, you have to make sure everything is in place, which is not an easy process when doing it manually. Especially for a professional event related to corporate, association or academic. There are some additional things you have to care about, such as attendees’ satisfaction and event’s budget.

Membroz provides an event software that will help you in delivering your event on time and on budget. Our Event Software provides following features:

  • Can create and sell tickets online,
  • Promote your event with custom email invitations.
  • Send instant messages.
  • Create a detailed budget
  • Online Invoice, easily add venue booking,
  • Track sales information
  • Event calendar for tracking events, appointments, and due dates.

Online Event Planning Tool

Membroz online event planning tool provides the ability to manage your events, team and clients at one place. It provides features like event registration, event attendee management, check-ins and reporting. Our best event planning tool also helps to manage and assign tasks and set reminders and track task to run your team efficiently.

This event planner is a complete user-friendly tool, you can easily operate by any device.

The best way to check whether Membroz event planning software will be a good fit for your event organization company is to try a Demo with us & take your event business to the next level.

online event planning tool

Features of Online Event Management Software

Provide the functionality to manage your Event

  • Booking and Cost Management

  • Online event registration system, maximize event registration, easy to use and easy to monitor, create detailed budget, collect and save all the required data.
  • Ticket Categories

  • Create as many ticket types as you’d like, set ticket price based on type of ticket.
  • Payment & Billing

  • Accept credit card payments online to get paid faster, auto generate bill based on payment terms and email detailed invoice.
  • Event Check-In

  • Simple and quick check-in solution, Manual check-in, Bar code scanner, Fraud Protection.
  • Notification/Reminder

  • Fast & Simple tool, Send reminder for upcoming event through Email/Messages.
  • Feedback

  • Attendees can give reviews and suggestions.

Some of our clients already uses Membroz to run their business everyday...!

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