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Yogatopics is Mumbai based Yoga studio that offers various Yoga classes, Mind/Body treatments, private treatments, and organization/group classes. They also organize Events, Seminars, and general awareness training camps.

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At Yogatopics, we help you understand the deeper relationship between mind, body, and soul. Derived from the ancient science of yoga, our every program is designed and crafted by our founder, Mrs.SnehGanotra to help you explore life’s deepest questions, for an experience that will touch the very core of your being


Getting enquiry from various sources and doing follow-up was big tasks, excel sheet was not enough. Selling merchandise to members and non-members and generating bills manual was tedious and error prone. Managing different payments terms for different courses, running promotion offers/coupons and giving different discount to the members were some of challenge areas Yogatopics was facing. They need solution which provides single platform to manage their entire operations and allow them to operate from any locations and devices.


Yogatopics team now do all their day-to-day operations using single application available on desktop, tablets and smart phone. Starting from lead capturing to conversion, course/class assignment, fees collections, payment reminder and membership expiry reminder, Membroz has complete answer to problem they facing. Membroz POS give easy interface to generate sales bills on different cost centre easily.With dynamic Dashboard and Analytics reports, Management can easily view operations and take quick actions.

Benefits & Results

  • Flexible payment options for various memberships plan, Easy to manage Discounts and apply promotional coupon on payments.
  • Product (Membership Plan) Customization and Payment terms flexibility
  • Customizable workflow to manage notifications, SMS alerts, follow ups and membership renewal.
  • Member self-service portal and mobile app..
  • Permission based access to various user roles
  • Powerful Dashboard and Analytics Reports to view Business data and take quick actions.
  • Providing data 24/7 accessible from anywhere, to their team
  • Helping them to understand and make timely decisions on the vast amounts of data they collect monthly.
  • One stop solution to all reporting requirements.

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El plan empresarial comienza en $300/mes facturable anualmente
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