Set Up Staff Availability Calendar ( Roster )

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Set Up Staff Availability Calendar ( Roster )

In this article, you’ll learn how to manage Staff availability in your Membroz account.

Steps to set up staff availability calendar:

Step-1. In the organization menu, click on the ‘Setting’ icon.

Step-2. Then in Account Setup, click on the ‘Staff Roaster’ option.

Understanding Staff Roaster:- Staff Roaster basically means availability of the staff. Staff roaster here provides you with available staff on a particular day to perform a particular service as per client requirements.

Step-3. On clicking the ‘Staff Roaster’, You will see the list of staff added to your membroz account.


Step-4. Click on Particular Staff. For e.g. Reesha


Here Reesha is unavailable on all working days.

Step-5. To make available a particular staff, Click on the ‘Staff Name’.

Step -6. Click on ‘Availability Calendar‘.



Step-7. Click on ‘Edit Availability’ and avail the staff as per your requirement.

Step-8. Click on the ‘Day’ and then click on the ‘Save‘ button.


Step-9. You will have the Staff Availability on your calendar.


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