Shopfloor View

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Shopfloor View

In this article, you’ll learn how to manage shopfloor view i.e. Frontdesk in your Membroz account.

Steps to manage Shopfloor view:

Step-1. In the organization menu, select ‘Work Order & Services’.

Step-2. Navigate to ‘Shopfloor View’.

Step-3. Here you’ll see the list of all the ‘Work Orders’.

Work Order Management System

Step-4. Click on the particular work order. There you’ll find more options as shown below.

manage work order

Step-5. Select any options as per your job status. For example, we have selected the ‘In Progress’ button.

It will now turn to yellow color.

Likewise, you can select any of the 4 options & it will appear in different colors.

Step-6. If any service is included in your work order, you will find an option ‘Assign Task‘.

Task Management


Step-7. Click on assign task & enter more details. Then click on the ‘Save & Completed’ button.

Task Assign

Step-8. You can also view the Work order by clicking the ‘View Job‘ option.

Job Order Management