Room Service Order

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Room Service Order

In this article, you’ll learn how to manage room service orders in your Membroz account.

Step to manage room service order:

Step-1: In the organization menu, navigate to ‘Facility & Booking‘.

Step-2: Click on ‘Add Reservation‘.

Reservation Management

Step-3: Enter all the mandatory details & click on the ‘Save‘ button.

Reservation Management System

Step-4: Once you check-in, you’ll find that reserved room in ‘POS‘ under the ‘Room service‘ button.

Rooms Management System

Step-5: Now click on that room, and you’ll get more options for giving orders.

Then select the order & click on the ‘Save‘ button.

Room Service Management

Step-6: Now navigate to ‘KOT‘ & accept the order.


Step-7: On accepting the order, you’ll find the order status as ‘Running‘ i.e. in process under ‘KOT‘.

Rooms Management System

Step-8: Now again navigate to ‘Facility & Booking‘ & click on the ‘Booking‘ option.

Step-9: Click on the ‘Édit‘ button in the booking list.

Manage Room Booking

Step-10: Select ‘Save & Confirmed‘.

Facility Management System

Step-11: Select the Payment Method & click on ‘Pay Now‘.

Room Services Management System