Making Payment using series balance

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Making Payment using series balance

In this article, you’ll learn how to use a particular service from the list of services added at the time of creating a series at different points of time in your Membroz account.

This step is followed after selling the series.

Steps to make payment using series balance:-

Step-1. In the organization menu, click on the ‘Memberships’ option.

Step-2. Navigate to the ‘Members’ option.

Step-3. Enter the name of the member in the search option.

Step-4. Click on the member name, you will see the member profile as shown below.

Step-5. On selecting Usage Summary, You will get the list of services (series) purchased by the member.

Here the member has 2 services for Hair Spa.

Now if a customer wants to use this service, then select ‘Services & POS‘ in the organization menu.

Step-6. Navigate to ‘Point Of Sale’.

Step-7. Click on ‘Service’.

Step-8. Enter the name of the Customer & service and click on the search button.

Here for an example, we have selected ‘Hair Spa’.

Step-9. Select the service you want to use i.e. Hair Spa

Step-10. Enter all the mandatory details marked with (*) & click on ‘Save’ button.

Step-11. An invoice has been generated on Left-hand side . Now click on ‘Pay & checkout’ option.

Step-12. Your bill will be generated . Now select payment mode and click on ‘Credit Notes/ Prepaid’ option to use your prepaid service . Also enable the ‘Balance’ option & click on ‘Pay Now’ button.


Understanding Prepaid Service:- Prepaid service means the amount of the service already paid at the time of purchase of the series.

Now to check how many balance service has been left in your series , follow the steps shown below.

Step-13. In the organization menu, Select ‘Memberships’.

Step-14. Navigate to ‘Members’ option.

Step-15. Enter the member name in the search option & click on serach button.

Step-16. Click on the member name & open the member profile.

Step-17. Click on the ‘Usage Summary’. You will now see the remaining balance service.

Note :- You can compare & check the difference of balance service at the starting & end of this article .