Configure Company Profile

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Configure Company Profile

In this article, you’ll learn how to set up and add your Company and Company details to your Membroz account.

Steps of setting up & adding company details:

Step-1. In the Organization menu, Click on the ‘Setting’ icon.

Membroz setting

Step-2. Then in Account Setup, click on the ‘General Settings’ option.

Membroz account setup


Step-3. Enter company details like, ‘Company Name’.

Create company profile using membroz software

Step-4. Click on the upload button to select your ‘Company Logo’ and upload it.

Add company logo in Membroz

Step-5. Select ‘Time zone’.

Define time zone in membroz

Step-6. Select ‘Currency’.

select currency in membroz

Step-7. Enter ‘Locale’.

Membroz software solution

Step-8. Enter ‘Starting Number’.

Setup Membroz account

Step-9. Enter ‘Support Email Id’.

add mail in membroz

Step-10. Enter ‘Working Days’ & ‘Hours’.

Step-11. Click on ‘Save’ to Save the Company profile.

save in company profile in membroz