Assign Membership & Take Payment

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Assign Membership & Take Payment

In this article, you’ll learn how to assign membership and take payment in your Membroz account. You can add membership one by one or all at once.

Steps of assigning membership and taking payments:

Step – 1. In the Organization Menu select ‘Members’.

Step – 2. Navigate to the ‘Members’ option.

Step – 3. Click on the ‘Member Number’, then you can see the member’s information.

Step – 4. Click on the ‘More’ button and select ‘Assign Membership’.

Step – 5. Enter all the mandatory information marked with (*) and click on the ‘Save’ button.


Step – 6. On clicking the ‘Save’ button, Membership will be assigned to the member.

Step – 7. Membroz provides 2 ways for ‘Membership Payment’.

  • First, After assigning membership, you can make membership payments by providing the required information.

Click on the ‘Save’ button after adding all payment info.

  • Second, Select ‘Payments’ in the Member’s Profile and make the payment of the assigned membership.

Enter the mode of payment and click on the ‘Save’ button.

Membroz also provides you with 4 more options in the member profile. i.e ‘Renew Membership, Cancel Membership, Change Date, Freeze Membership’.

Renew Membership

Step-1. Select ‘Renew Membership‘.

Here you can renew your membership and click on the ‘Save’ button.

Cancel Membership

Step-1. Just by clicking on ‘Cancel Membership’, you will get a dialogue box where you can cancel your membership plan as shown below.

Freeze Membership

To understand How to freeze a membership, first, we will know ‘what is freeze membership’?
Let’s say for example, that a member is going out of town for some time like 3 months and he won’t be able to use the service provided.
For this reason, Membroz is giving you the ‘Freeze Membership’ option where members can freeze their memberships for that particular period and start again once a member is back.

Enter the ‘Frozen Date‘ & ‘Expected Unfreeze Date‘ and click on the ‘Save‘ button.

Change Membership Date

Step-1. Click on Change Membership Date’.

Enter the new membership date and click on the ‘Save’ button.