Adding Membership and Payment Terms

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Adding Membership and Payment Terms

In this article, you’ll learn how to add a new membership & also how to define payment terms in your Membroz account. You can add membership one by one or all at once.

Steps of adding membership:

Step – 1. In the Organization Menu select ‘Memberships’.

Step – 2. Navigate to the ‘Membership Plan’ option.

Step – 3. Click on the Add membership’ button.

Step – 4. The only detail that is mandatory is ‘Membership Name, Tenure (in Month), Cost, Payment Item. You can continue adding more information after the Membership is added. 

Step – 5. When you’re done entering the Membership info, click Submit.

Step – 6. To see the added membership in the membership list, open the membership plan.

Step – 7. Click on Membership, then you can see Membership information. Select payment items from the dropdown.

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