Add Vendor & Info

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Add Vendor & Info

In this article, you’ll learn how to add vendor and view vendor information in your Membroz account.

Steps of adding individual vendors:

Step-1. In the Organization Menu select ‘Purchase’.

Step-2. Navigate to the ‘Vendors’ option.

Step-3. After selecting the Vendors’ option, click on the ‘Add Vendor’ button.

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Step-4. The only detail that is mandatory is ‘Vendor Name, Contact Person, Mobile Number, and Email. You can continue adding more information after the vendor is added.

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Step-5. When you’re done entering the Vendor’s info, click Submit’.

vendor's info management tool

Step-6. To see the added vendor in the vendor’s list, open the vendor’s menu and click on ‘Vendor Name’.

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Step-7. You will see your ‘Vendor Profile & Info’.

view vendor profile

Step-8. All the ‘Payments, Purchase Orders & Invoices’ will reflect in your ‘Vendor Profile’.

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