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We all want to live a happy long life; the secret to this is being healthy. When we talk about being healthy, the first thing that comes to mind is the Gym. Most of us do not get the time to go to a gym. Whether we go to the gym or no it’s necessary to intake a healthy diet. One must consult a proper dietitian/ nutritionist. Membroz Dietitian Management Software helps you to keep track of your clients.

Diet & Meal Plan Generator

Membroz helps the dietitian to form a proper diet plan or select a diet plan as per the requirements. Membroz helps prepare a proper diet on the basis of the various test conducted on a person. On the basis of the meal plan generated, the nutritionist can then do the plus and minus of items wherever required to keep one healthy. Automating the meal generator frees up a dietitian’s schedule to help them spend more time with their patient and help them understand better.


Measurement & Progress Report

When we put in our best foot forward to achieve something, we expect to see timely results. Membroz stores the required data on the basis on the test conducted on the patient. It then analyzes the before and after data and helps a dietitian know how much progress their patient has made after following the meal plan provided. Most importantly, it sets a date when the progress should be calculated. This helps dietitian understand what needs to change in the diet and help serve the patient to the best of their ability.

Product Features

Client Management

Complete control on Client profile and package enrollment. Easy way to configure payment terms.

Payment & Billing

Easy and secure access, auto generate bill based on payment terms, create invoices, receive payments online and keep track of payments.

Diet Plan Management

Membroz offers user-friendly diet plan management feature. Easily create diet plans and system will auto remind your clients just before their mealtime.

Account & Finance Reporting

Manage Expense, Invoices, Bills & Salary. Generate Balance sheet, Income & Cashflow statement

Client Mobile App

Client can register, make appointment, get instant confirmation & make payment. Submit inquiry & service feedback on mobile app

Client History & Progress Chart

Keep clients medical history, make progress chart available to client.

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