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Do you consult people about their careers or coach them for their careers? Either way, Our best business management software is the ideal choice for all your consulting services and coaching needs. Membroz Consulting and Coaching Management Software let you answer customer queries and also allows you to monitor your employees' performance through tools in the workplace. It also helps you with the billing and invoicing of your clients/students, also letting you keep track of all your incomes and expenses. Have too many clients to attend, too many to handle? Let Membroz systemize it for you.


The Membroz Consulting & Coaching Management Software gives you an appointment scheduling feature to very easily complete attention to anyone seeking consultation or to anyone seeking admission. It helps you plan your day in advance for the number of people you would have to meet in a day so that it isn’t a lot of chaos. Similarly, anyone who takes the appointment will be notified well in advance just so they are aware. If at all they somehow miss their appointment they can easily call and reschedule to the next available as membroz displays it to the staff.

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Class Scheduler

The admissions to your coaching classes are complete as you’ve reached the maximum threshold. All you got to do now is schedule their classes as per the student’s time preference. Membroz helps you out here as well by automating the entire task for you. Instead of spending hours on end you can just enter the name, the time preference and topics selected by student and Voila! Our system does all this minutes so that you can focus on developing your skills to grow you consulting business.

Online Training

It is important for your best consulting/coaching institute to join the revolution that is ‘online classes’ and let Membroz lead you there. Hosting online classes and lectures for your student is made convenient by Membroz. With the mobile app feature from Membroz it makes it easy for students to access these classes. It also gives you the ability your students through online examinations thereby helping you track their progress. It also helps you add a feedback option for students that helps your institute conduct classes better.

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Product Features


Student/Client Management

Collect payment online, view reports, reminder, easily communicate with students/clients with integrated email and communication tools.


Payment & Billing

Easy and secure access, auto generate bill based on payment terms, create invoices, receive payments online and keep track of payments.


Scheduling & Cost Management

Customize your services, calendar with flexible setup options. View an entire schedule/calendar.


Student/Client Mobile App

Student/Client can register, choose course, get instant confirmation & make payment. Submit inquiry & service feedback on mobile app.


Account & Finance Reporting

Manage Expense, Invoices, Bills & Salary. Generate Balance sheet, Income & Cashflow statement.


Inquiry Management

Capture enquiry generated from various sources like website, reference and direct meet. Manage follow up and closer.

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Membroz Enterprise Plan offers unmatched benefits for a big organization with multi-locations and large users.
Enterprise Plan starts at $500/month Billable Yearly
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