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To get treated by various specialists under one roof at a cheaper rate is a blessing. To treat a patient in an effective manner, it’s very important to know the patient well. Membroz Clinic Management Software helps the doctors to learn about their patients and also helps the patients to get treated well.

Patient History

It is very important to know about the medical history of the patient. Membroz can store all the required documents, reports and medications a patient has gone through. Just type in the patient’s name and you get their entire history. This is especially beneficial for polyclinics when a regular doctor isn’t available, the doctor stepping in for them doesn’t have to worry about having to know the patient. All they have to do is use Membroz and it will provide all the relevant information regarding the patient medical history.



It’s necessary to book an appointment before visiting a clinic. Once the patient has booked an appointment with a particular doctor for a sickness, the software will send out automated reminders to the patient regarding their upcoming appointment. This notifies the doctors as well as the patients as to when they are called for a follow-up visit. In case, a patient misses an appointment, the software notifies the staff regarding this who can then call the patient up for a new appointment. Thereby, membroz helps clinics follow up with their patients in a timely manner.


Telemedicine is growing increasingly popular with more and more people getting smartphones. In simple terms, it is shopping made simple for your health. It makes it easy for doctors to consult and do follow up on patients from around the world. Patients who are at times embarrassed to consult local doctors can jump onto your telemedicine platform and get consultation without hesitation. With Membroz you can be rest assured that your clinic will become a leader in telemedicine and you’ll be able to serve more and more patients as you grow.


Online Consultation

Membroz lets a person experience clinic-like consultation through a video call with the physician/doctor. One can connect with a physician/doctor instantly or even have a video consultation at the scheduled time. The information shared is kept private and secured. Membroz also helps you to follow up with the physician/doctor if need be. Online Consultation thus, becomes easy and convenient.

Product Features

Patient Management

Complete control on Patient profile and package enrollment. Easy way to configure payment terms.

Payment & Billing

Easy and secure access, auto generate bill based on payment terms, create invoices, receive payments online and keep track of payments.

Assistant/Doctor Mobile App

Assistant/Doctor can be notified upcoming appointment through mobile app, instant confirmation can be sent to requester.

Account & Finance Reporting

Manage Expense, Invoices, Bills & Salary. Generate Balance sheet, Income & Cashflow statement.

Patient Mobile App

Patient can register, make appointment, get instant confirmation & make payment. Submit inquiry & service feedback on mobile app.

Symptoms & Diagnosis

Manage symptoms & diagnosis database. Manage drugs database.

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