How Workshop Management Software Benefits Repair Shop Business?

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Today’s blog is for the service & repair shop, whether it be a car, electronic appliances, heavy-duty vehicles or machinery. This blog will teach you how to take advantage of Membroz’s Workshop Management Software to better improve your client satisfaction and service quality.

Workshop Management

Whether it be car workshops, electronic workshops or a garage that servicing all types of vehicles. Being efficient is what is going to help you sustain your business.

Customers want speed and quality when it comes to any of the above-mentioned services. They do not like waiting for their number. It helps to be systematic when you operate in these industries.

Let us show you how Membroz’s Workshop Software really makes your business efficient.

Inspection & Checklist

Membroz form designers help with inspection & checklist forms. Once the vehicle/appliance is received, inspection is carried out as per the standard procedure. Workshop managers can create multiple inspections forms as per vehicle/appliance type/age/usage. 

Inspection reports are generated and cost estimates are done based on data. Customers can be notified on email/sms with given inspections/estimates, once approved, Job order is created from inspection data.           

Billing & Reports

Once, all the customer concerns are resolved, the employee can also add any additional service that was carried out and submit the job card as complete. This helps the system provide the cost of the job that was carried out on any particular vehicle/appliance.

Having the membroz management system improves your workshop output and efficiency by automating mundane activities.

Apart from managing your billing activities, Stock Report also helps you plan the stock available in your inventory and if parameters are set, it can also place orders for stocks which are below the needed threshold.

This helps avoid last-minute hassle of having to source a much-needed stock from nearby suppliers. It also helps you get various other reports such as GST report, profit report. This helps you as a business owner to always be a step ahead by giving you a bird’s eye view of your business.

Whether you run an automobile workshop, a garage or an electronics appliance service center and would like to better run your business then Membroz Workshop Management System is just the thing you need. Contact us here and we’ll get back to assist you further.

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Thanks for your attention!
If you like it, please spread the word!