Why should you use Email Marketing for your business?

What is Email MarketingThe most effective way for a business to communicate with a consumer is still the traditional method of email. About 85% of consumers said they would like to get promotional bulk emails from the businesses they do business with at least once per month, while 15% would like daily emails, according to Hubspot.

What exactly is Email marketing? 

Email Marketing

Email marketing is a method of reaching out to clients who have agreed to receive your advertisements and marketing materials. Your consumers provide you with their email addresses, which are then put on a list that enables you to get in touch with them directly and stay at the front of their minds.

Your most valuable customers will be reminded that they are special, thanks to email marketing, which is the ideal way to reward them, keep them loyal, and increase sales. Emails are used to increase sales, improve customer interaction, bring in new clients, raise brand awareness, and manage loyalty reward programs for existing clients.

Why is email marketing important for your business?

Email marketing boosts revenue

When done properly, email marketing may close the gap between a rewarding, developing relationship and a profit boost that outperforms all other forms of marketing. Additionally, it’s one of the most economical types of direct marketing! Here are three more reasons why you should try email marketing.

  • Email marketing boosts revenue!

There is a strong direct correlation between email marketing and rising sales, and the researchers back up this with data. Email marketing is 40 times more effective than marketing on Twitter and Facebook put together. Therefore, it far outperforms other marketing mediums in terms of effectiveness while also increasing revenue. 

People on your email list have already visited and possibly purchased from your website, found value there, and now want to hear from you and buy more of your goods. And this is why email marketing is so successful: you are communicating with a group of people who have chosen to hear from you directly and who are interested in your offerings. 

  • Email Marketing directs Traffic to your Website

You increase the traffic to your website when an email campaign includes a CTA (call to action) that enables readers to click straight to your website. Additionally, increased traffic keeps visitors on your website longer, which boosts your SEO. Moreover, boosting your website’s ranking will make it appear in more searches and result in even more purchases!

  • Emails Marketing is the best low-cost strategy

Traditional campaigns needed photo sessions, printers, mailing services, and paying multiple individuals for numerous different tasks. In contrast, a single individual can create and send an email campaign within a day, saving you both time and money. Hence, email marketing initiatives are among the most affordable and efficient marketing methods.

How to get started with email marketing?

Email Campaign

So, how can you send emails that are opened and generate sales? Don’t forget to make sure they offer enough value to prevent your devoted clients from unsubscribing.

Making the appropriate email marketing involves a skill set that includes providing enough value, employing something to attract people, and having a powerful CTA to close the deal. And executing an effective and profitable email marketing strategy requires six key steps.

Step 1: The most crucial part of the campaign is to set your business goal. What do you hope this email will accomplish for you? 

Step 2: Now that you have a goal chalked out before you, it is time to build your email list.

Step 3: Choose a platform to send your emails.

Step 4: Now comes a part that holds the key to your campaign’s success – Copy. Make sure your email copy has the potential to convert clicks into customers.

Step 5:  Optimize email campaign sending times.

Step 6:  Analyze and assess your results.

Looks overwhelming, doesn’t it? We have some great news for you! Instead of stressing yourself out about the email marketing campaign, you can leave the hard part to us. While you can take care of hundreds of other aspects of your business, Membroz can effectively handle your email marketing campaign right, from the scratch, for as low as $300.

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Does Email Marketing Pay Off?

Why Email Marketing

The simple answer is: YES, ABSOLUTELY! as long as you respect them as people, provide them something of worth, and refrain from overselling. With those essential elements, you will be preventing unsubscribes, boosting website traffic, generating purchases, offering value, and nurturing leads.

Because they wanted to hear from you, your subscribers first gave you their email addresses and approval to send them messages. You can maintain your audience AND expand your list if you try to be sincere and avoid being overly salesy.

Email marketing drives sales and revenue for all businesses since it offers a higher return and a wider reach than any other marketing medium. There is absolutely no reason why you should not get started with it today if you haven’t already.

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