Why it’s essential for Travel Agencies to have Tour & Travel Management Software?

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The past couple of years have been turbulent ones for the travel industry. As the world frees up and starts traveling again, it is very important that you are leading your industry with the service you provide to your customers. To check out our last blog, click here.

In today’s blog, we tell you how Membroz Travel Agency Software helps your business as a journey creator for your customers.

Tour Packagetrip package

Creating and displaying a tour package is an integral part of any tour and travel business. It helps your customer choose from various types of packages based on their requirement. These packages can be based on location, event, occasion, etc., and they include destination, transfers by taxi, bus, train and flights, activities and stay.

You can schedule these packages to display on your website based on season and time of year. If an individual does not fancy the tour packages on display, they can even create their very own custom package, just the way they want it. Tour packages make it easier for customers to make decisions and also provides them with the benefit of getting discounts on certain aspects of the tour.

Booking & Cost Management Enquiry Management Software

If your customer decides to opt for customized tour booking, this will enable them to make better decisions by determining the cost of their selection on the go. Tours can be customized for an individual or a group and also helps manage the tour in case you decide to change something last minute.

This feature helps you to manage bookings from the front desk and also allows you to confirm and send booking vouchers. Budgeting also plays a critical role in a customized tour package (single or group) and hence cost management software helps your customer stay within their budget.

Activity Management System Activity Management Software

This feature helps your customers plan, manage and budget their activities the way they want to. For group booking, it helps the tour planner to set activities based on individual preferences and divide them into groups for their respective choice of activities. It helps the planner select the location they want for these activities.

Giving your customers control of how they plan, manage and budget their activities gives them satisfaction and ultimately increases your customer rating. A happy customer is equal to more advertisement for your business through word of mouth.

Tour Itinerarytrip itinerary

Once an individual or a group books a tour through your website, it is important they get their travel plan so as to not miss out on flights. It is very important especially in the case of a large group, having an itinerary saves the tour planner the hassle of having to coordinate with each individual group member.

All they have to do is download the itinerary generated by the Membroz system after their package is booked and share it with their group. This includes every detail from the beginning to the end of the tour. Flight timings, hotel stay, flight transfer, activity listings, etc., making completely sure that the entire group is on the same page and doesn’t miss out on any information.

Group Tour Bookingtravel enquiry management system

As the travel restrictions are lifted, more and more people are beginning to plan a tour. Most of these people usually plan their tour with a group of friends or family or sometimes with complete strangers.

With Membroz cloud software you can give these groups the ability to customize their group tour by letting them take bookings for flights, stays and choose the location based on the capacity of the group. You can also set discounts for these group bookings which encourages more bookings in the future and thereby more revenue for your business.

This feature enables the planner of the group tour to make better choices based on the budget set and cost displayed of each booking they make. It also helps the planner manage these bookings in case there are last-minute changes to be made in the itinerary.

Inquiry ManagementInquiry Management Software

When you give control to your customers to customize and book their tour, not everyone is going to be able to manage it on their own. This gives rise to customer queries and answering these queries in the fastest time possible is going to make or break the booking. Having a chat/email feature for queries of customers that get auto-assigned to your customer service teams ensures that no queries go unresolved. It shows your customer that you are there for them every step of the way.

At Membroz we always make sure the customer has the best experience possible. Nothing drives the business more than the way you handle your customers and their queries. When it comes to customers planning their next holiday, vacation destination being there for them and providing them with the necessary tools is vital to your growth in this industry. Membroz travel software will help you provide just that with the above features.

If you wish to know more about the Membroz timeshare software and how it helps your business, click here or call us on +91 87583 63925 and we will be happy to assist you.

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Thanks for your attention!
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