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Everyone wants to be heard while they speak. Similarly, many customers prefer businesses that value their customers i.e., good customer service. Now many businesses spend a significant amount of money, time, and effort developing their online business. Sometimes these businesses fail to give importance to Enquiry Management, which leads to loss of customers.

It is important to keep track of all enquiries and sales leads that are generated. Businesses find it difficult to manage enquiries and track them. At Membroz, we offer you a solution to this. A good Enquiry management system saves time and effort. We help you retain your existing customers as well as attract new customers.

What is Enquiry Management System?

Enquiry Management System is an automated software that helps a business give each and every customer proper importance. It is designed to improve the capacity of staff to effectively manage the customer enquiries with the care it deserves.

Enquiry Management System by Membroz, logs, tracks and manages the various enquiries received at different platforms (SMS, calls, emails, or through our app offering) systematically. The system is designed in such a way that no enquiry is left unanswered. The system helps in segregating the enquiries as per the companies rule and can be then attended by the assigned staff.

Benefits of Enquiry Management System

Every enquiry received is an opportunity to make a good impression and to retain/attract customers. Membroz ensures that you put your best foot forward in handling the enquiries as well as grow your business.

Faster response

This software includes a CRM System that helps in providing reminders for timely follow-up. Enquiries can also be categorized to make a quicker response. Scheduled follow-up and task calendars simplify this process. Customers remember the speed of response and value it.

Never miss a deadline

Each enquiry should be given a relevant answer. When you receive enquiries, the management system collects the required information and the assigned staff provide the answers in a timely fashion. With Membroz, you can track the status of the enquiries, assign schedule reminders, follow up and never miss a deadline. Timely responses help in customer satisfaction.

Pair leads with the correct staff

The business can use this Enquiry system in categorizing the enquiries as well as classifying each enquiry to the right staff. This avoids poor customer experience as the customer receives a relevant and satisfying answer on a timely basis. Here the interactions can also be tracked and can improve the sale of the business.

Clear Accountability and Communication

This system helps in sharing information with the different departments in the business. This helps the teams to work better and have proper coordination of information. The software avoids losing information as well as maintains communication.

Better Customer Service

Your customers expect quick answers when they communicate with you. It is irrelevant to them whether you have many customers or too many enquiries to answer. A little bit of disorganization from the companies will lead to losing customers.

Membroz allows you to provide auto-replies and reply templates. Enquiries received from various platforms can be viewed under a single window. Identifying, classifying and categorizing, scheduled follow-ups, and closing them in time offers a better customer experience.

Enquiries are the source of new business. You get all the above-mentioned benefits with Membroz Business Solutions, which helps your business function smoothly. The businesses that can really make the most of enquiry management are as follows.

Our Solutions with Enquiry Management System

All our solutions have Enquiry Management included in them. Please Note: There may be some limitations on basic and free tier plans.