What is Fleet Maintenance Software & how does it keep track of vehicle maintenance activities & repair needs?

fleet maintenance software

With the rise of cab service providers and the increase in fleets, it is important to have fleet maintenance software. Membroz has cloud-based maintenance software to serve your purpose.

With service providers having to maintain over 100 vehicles at a time, it is vital that they have all these vehicles working in peak condition. These vehicles are what drive the income of your company. Even if one of the vehicles is not working there goes the revenue with it which the company cannot afford to lose. How does the fleet maintenance software come to the rescue?

How does Fleet Maintenance software help?

In order to understand how to let us see the what part of it. What are the features of the fleet maintenance software offered by Membroz?

Preventive Maintenance

Preventive Maintenance

When dealing with a fleet size of 5 or 500, it is important to make sure the vehicles are running smoothly and without any technical problems. In order for that to happen, it is necessary to conduct preventive maintenance at certain kilometer milestones on each and every vehicle. This ensures you make the most of a vehicle’s lifetime.

Membroz Preventive maintenance software allows you to create work orders based on inspection results and fleet managers can schedule, assign and carry out maintenance tasks accordingly.

Work Flow

Workflow Management Software

Workflow features ensure to track progress in the proper sequence to accomplish set goals. Set up a list of inspections by adding a few details like customer name, inspection title, vehicle type, date, etc, and generate a report which includes complete vehicle information, fluid level, lights, and much more key information. Also, you can see the past history of inspection.

Keep track of all completed, in progress, not started, on-hold service. You can view date-wise data and also assign tasks, the view that is performing tasks all from one place, unassigned jobs, and many more.

Create or schedule a job order by entering the booking date, due date, advisor name, select the product, parts, car parts along with other services and build the best job order to provide the best and well-managed customer service.


Invoice Software

After setting up the inspection form you can generate an easy-to-understand, error-free, and customer-friendly repair estimate report for damaged vehicle parts and send estimate requests to the user. You can also find the entire list of pending, approved & declined estimates.

Click here to know more about the Membroz Invoice feature.

Parts Warranty

warranty management system
This helps keep track of genuine parts being installed into vehicles and also helps keep a tab on the warranty of the part being installed by just setting up warranty information for each part. Users can generate reports or get a list of all warranty parts replaced and check each part if the technician is replacing is under warranty or not and this information will helpful for filing claims.

Insurance Renewals

insurance renewal management

The software also ensures that the vehicles in the fleet have all got valid insurance as it is a must to drive the vehicles on the road. It is especially helped by letting the user pay the insurance of the car with expiring insurance right from the system itself. Which helps reduce downtime for any vehicle in particular.


fleet management software

The system also prompts the user whenever there is an important message to be conveyed regarding a vehicle through alerts/notifications. Whether it is expiring insurance or it is the scheduled maintenance based on the predefined KM run. This helps the user work with the system to stay on top of the tasks that need to be carried out. Allowing for a smoother fleet operation.

To know more in-depth about these features and also for inquiry regarding how you can get a hold of Membroz’s ground-breaking cloud-based software, you can contact us on our 24X7 helpline or the contact us page.

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