Telemedicine – What is it? How does it works?


Today’s blog is about an industry that has been in existence for the past 40 years but has only seen growth in the last 5 years. The smartphone industry is what has got that growth/revival in this industry. In our previous blog, we spoke about one more industry that has grown exponentially since the invention of smartphones. Click to find out what that industry is.

Coming back to the telemedicine industry, an industry whose market size was estimated at around 41 billion dollars in 2019. Just like our previous solution this solution blog will be divided into 3 parts.

In order to better understand how membroz is going to help the telemedicine industry grow, we must first understand the telemedicine industry first with the following 3 WH questions.

What does telemedicine mean?

It doesn’t take a genius to figure out what it means, by our estimates, most of you will have already figured out what it means. It is there in the word itself, all one has to do is break it up into two parts, tele meaning over a long distance via phone or television and medicine meaning well medicine.

Now, you see why telemedicine has been growing ever since the start of the smartphone age. Smartphones with their high-end cameras and fast internet connections help doctors evaluate a patient remotely. Telemedicine in layman’s terms means remote medicine.

Considering the fact that we’re in lockdown and cannot take the risk of stepping outside our homes. Telemedicine is the perfect solution and one wouldn’t be surprised to see the growth in this industry right now. Telemedicine helps patients stay connected to their preferred doctors while they’re on the move.

Moreover, through telemedicine, a family whose member falls ill while on a holiday can easily connect with their family doctor back home. Some patients become accustomed to their doctors and telemedicine helps them stay connected.

How does Telemedicine work?

As we saw what telemedicine means, it gave us a brief idea of its workings. Telemedicine is using technology to connect patients with their doctors. Also, it is helping doctors consult a patient’s previous doctor to understand more about a patient’s medical history.

Telemedicine right now is also helping doctors view a patient’s report while at their own homes. While telemedicine can be carried out through other means of communication on a smartphone, it is better if telemedicine has its own unique communications method.

Originally, humans started developing ways to communicate over long distances through radio, telephone, and later television. The demand for doctors from patients also increased as they needed 24/7 care. This completely nullified the need to attend doctors for minor cases as patients could instantly consult their doctor with a dial of a number.

As communication technology gets better so as the development in telemedicine. Earlier patients would have to explain to their doctors what they are going through. But advanced technology has also added vision to this and now doctors can see what the patient’s going through.

How telemedicine is changing healthcare?

Telemedicine has quite literally shaped the medicine industry. It is no longer a localized industry for a doctor. Traditionally doctors would set up their clinics and would tend to patients closest to those clinics. Now, with the communication industry booming and most of the world’s population having smartphones doctors can consult any patient around the world.

Telemedicine also allows for social work to be carried out in an efficient manner in poor countries. Medical camps can be attended by renowned doctors for free to check on patients who do not have doctors nearby.

It also helps in doctor-to-doctor consultation between two experts trying to figure out the best ways to diagnose and treat patients. It is the ultimate success that is only about to get better from here on in. Telemedicine is making consultation with doctors fast, efficient and reliable.

Gone are the days of visiting a doctor at the clinic to get a consultation. With the click of a button, the doctors can be at your home and prescribe medicines for your ailment within minutes.

Now that we know how telemedicine is the new age in the medicine industry. Membroz is your ultimate partner. Do check out our solutions page to better understand how membroz can help your business in this industry.