Telemedicine Pros & Cons – Future of Telemedicine in Healthcare Industry

Welcome to the 2nd part of telemedicine blog. In the last blog we spoke about what telemedicine industry is all about. Telemedicine is taking the traditional medicine industry to the world from the comfort of one place. It is connecting professionals from around the world to consult on a patient and diagnose them.

In today’s blog we talk about

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Why Telemedicine is Bad?

Like any other industry there is good and bad side to telemedicine and just because there it is bad doesn’t mean there is no room for improvement in it. Let’s talk about the cons associated with starting a telemedicine service as a private doctor or a hospital at large.

Staff Training and Setup

Just like any new industry struggling with educating the people about it. So just telemedicine which is relatively new is going through the phase of showing the people what it is capable of. The amount of effort and capital needed to setup and train your staff to use this technology really takes a toll on your return on investments. Once it is a main stream industry the setup would also come down. Until then educating its users and their patients will be a liability.

Reduced Care Continuity

Another issue with this is that patients get assigned to different doctors every time they wish to consult someone. This results in doctors not particularly knowing a patient’s history. This also results in doctors having to take some time getting to know about a patient’s medical past. This also is one of those disadvantages which can be resolved as this industry develops.

Not suitable for in person consults.

No matter how convenient it is to get a telemedicine consult from a doctor all the way on the other side of the world. It just doesn’t work for diagnosis which need to be conducted through personal touch of a doctor or tests which cannot be performed digitally. These diagnoses will always be that grey scale which would be difficult to resolve via telemedicine.

Why Telemedicine is good?

One of the advantages / pros to telemedicine is the fact that it is easily accessible at the click of a button. The boom of the smartphones has seen industries being easily available to people around the world. Telemedicine is also one of those industries to come out of it.

Round the clock access

One of the best advantages of telemedicine is that it is accessible round the clock by anyone with a smartphone. It is quick and efficient in times of urgency helping save time and money for a patient. It also gives the opportunity to consult to be available for his/her patients.

Increased Engagement from Patients

With anytime access from anywhere around the globe patient engage a lot more in to caring about their health. It all comes down to the flexibility, instant access and the convenience of being attended to from your own home. This is what really sells patients to telemedicine and gets the engagement.

Reduced cost of healthcare

When the demand is more and doctors being available 24/7 it really helps bring down the cost of medicine for a patient. It also gives power to the patient who can consult a doctor of their choice.  With telemedicine patients just pay the basic fee for any time of consultation rather than paying based off of case speciality. There by drawing in more patients.

Why Telemedicine is the future of healthcare industry?

With situations around the world being so extreme that people fear physically attending a doctor might make them sick. This pandemic, although one of the worst in mankind’s history has propelled the telemedicine forward with its ever-present benefits.

Being Convenient and fast.

Although the world has now come to a standstill, it won’t be long before it is up and running and as fast paced at ever. The world moving as quick as it is being able to provide services at faster pace is only the way forward. Telemedicine is enhancing this attribute of traditional medicine. With it being able to resolve a patient’s query within minutes it ensures that more patients are attended to.

Easy Access

Like stated before the huge selling point for telemedicine is the fact that it makes it easy for patients to consult doctors from around the globe which isn’t possible with traditional medicine. Being able to access doctors so easily also increases the chances of patients consulting doctors for slight change in their health pattern.

Its functionality

With fast pace and easy access, one wonders whether it functions as good as traditional medicine. And telemedicine has proven that it works on par with traditional medicine in certain aspects of medicine. With advancement in technology it will be able to match punch for punch with traditional medicine. But based off of current facts, telemedicine has the future to even surpass traditional medicine.

Why Telemedicine why now?

Now is the perfect time to advance the field of telemedicine and experiment at the same time. This will open up new avenues of diagnosis for doctors. The way technology keeps advancing the question isn’t why telemedicine, it is why not telemedicine. It is the ultimate solution to reaching patients of less fortune to get the best of care in medicine.

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