Six must-know advantages of Digitization in the Fitness Industry!

Digitization in Fitness Industry


With the world population confined to homes for the best part of 2 years, it became critical for businesses to go digital. Health and fitness industry is what grabbed the most attention with the people’s need to get fitter. Gyms and fitness businesses started operating digitally. Having a digital medium to provide your services is the need of the hour. Integrating your business with the digital platform gives your business extra leverage over your competitors that do not have similar services.

Workflow Automation – Create an automated, frictionless member experience.

Workflow Automation

With new gyms and fitness institutes starting every other day, what is that one thing that will differentiate your business from the rest? It is the service and experience that you provide your members which acts as the differentiating factor. Integrating your services with Membroz cloud software service will help automate your workflow.

Everyday mundane tasks of a receptionist of logging in member details i.e., they’re in and out time can be automated through software. This data can then be used to send reminders to members that aren’t regular to the gym or to even provide special offers to members that have been consistent in their fitness routine. The software makes data collection and usage of data easy. It also helps save your institute on unwanted purchases of stationery eventually ends up saving cost your business.

One App Rules All

Mobile App

Membroz also lets you programme a mobile app for your institute/gym. This app can be used by members to track their progress. Tracking progress is the best way to keep your members motivated in order to ensure that they keep coming back. This app can be used to make announcements about upcoming offers and also tips and suggestion blogs for your members on how to have the best possible workout session.

These blogs can further help you gain traffic from people that aren’t a member as well. The app can also be used by members to talk to your personal trainers about their workout routine or how they can get better at this.

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Reports Management System

With all the data being collected, it is important for your business to make something of the data. The only way to do so is by pulling out reports about your business through the software to get an understanding of what is working for you and what is not. Which offer created the most buzz and which one failed to make an impact. Reports can also be pulled by members through the app to track their progress since they joined the institute to help them keep motivated.

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Class Schedule& Online Classes

Online class scheduling system

As a fitness business owner, creating content and conducting classes online is what will keep your business ticking. You can schedule classes based on the difficulty level of the exercises being taught, they can range from beginner all the way up to advanced. Classes conducted online can be used as a source of extra income for your business or you can take them for free and use them as a means to collect customer emails and contacts to later use them for email and telemarketing.

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Membership freeze, extensions, and Recurring Payments

Recurring Payment Software

As an institute, you can give more freedom to the member on how they wish to use up their membership. There are going to be days that the member will not be able to attend the gym if they are traveling or for any other reason, you can let the member freeze their membership for the time they aren’t going to make and restart when they can. This gives the member a value for their money that no other institute can provide.

You can also extend the expiring membership of a user without having the need to physically attend the institute/gym. If that’s not enough, setting up recurring payments help you auto-debit membership payment directly from the customer’s account.

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Social Media Embedding

Social Media Marketing

Social media services like Facebook and Instagram etc are being used to promote content and get the name across by institutes to get traffic on their websites. You can embed this content on your app or website which will enable users to share the content faster and encourage their family and friends to try out your services.


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