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Electronic Recipe Organization System

Everyone wants to live a long life to fulfill all their dreams. This is only possible if one takes care of their health. With an increase in health consciousness, we see people hitting the gyms daily. With the physical exercise, people want to consume healthy diets. So, the gyms and the nutritionist/dieticians business are flourishing. This means the nutritionist has to cater to various clients having different requirements.

Nutritionists have to thus listen to each and every client and accordingly form a meal plan. To work on different requirements, health indicators and food related problems is a tedious job. While creating the diet plan, the nutritionist has to thus suggest suitable food recipes.

Membroz is not only offering you with a Meal Planner Software but also Recipe Organization System. This will help the nutritionist to create and manage the recipes that can be used for various other clients. These recipes can be created, added and edited as per the requirements of the client.

What do we offer?

Membroz lets you create, categorize and manage various recipes. You can also analyze the nutritional information of your recipes. This allows the clients to quickly go through the recipes on our mobile app. Patients can view and add the healthy recipes to their existing meal plans

  • Register/ add a recipe:

    Membroz provides the latest version of the validated food composition database for your clients. As per the client’s requirements, a meal plan is created by selecting certain recipes. Apart from these varieties of recipes, the nutritionist can add their own recipe. At times, due to various cultural or medical reasons, the existing recipe might not be favorable for the client. Hence, adding or modifying a recipe can be useful.

  • Analyze the nutritional information:

    When adding a recipe, Membroz ensures that the nutritionists analyze the nutritional information of the same. This helps the nutritionist in creating a healthy recipe for the clients.

  • Categorize the recipes:

    With Membroz, nutritionists can categorize the recipes as per their nutritional information or benefits. This helps in saving time and can be suggested to various clients having similar requirements.

  • Search a recipe:

    It feels good when you get what you are searching for by just one click. Membroz makes it easy to search for a recipe with just one click. One can search for a recipe as per their needs and add it to the meal plan.

Don’t waste your time in making a decision, be quick and try the features we are providing.