Meal Planning Software


In the nutrition business, when consulting the clients, they always ask to provide them with a personalized meal plan. Now, creating a practical and easy to apply the meal plan is very important.

Most of the professionals first assess the clients’ diet and as per the requirements create a diet plan for the clients. Creating a personalized diet plan for various clients can be time-consuming since it has to be accurate and effective. With the growing number of health conscience people around, the requirements do not meet the demand.

Most healthcare professionals prefer to use nutrition software with a diet analysis program to deliver meal plans effectively and quickly to the clients. Taking all the setbacks into consideration, Membroz is here to help you. We are providing a simple yet effective ‘Meal Plan Software’. This will help you with the various challenges by providing quick solutions.

What is a Meal Planning Software?

Meal Planning Software is an application that helps a person to create a meal plan as per the requirements.

Membroz has created the software in such a way that the nutritional information about the food as well as the direction to reach the health goals is included. We also calculate the nutrients intake like the number of calories, proteins and carbs and so on. Our aim is to satisfy the clients by providing effective customized meal plans quickly.

Features of the Meal Planning Software by Membroz

We live in a digital world, gone are the days of pen and paper. When it comes to Meal Plans we believe: Personalization is the key. This software provides a meal plan that fits the clients’ nutritional needs, lifestyle and busy life. Some of our features are listed below:

  • Nutrient Database:

    We ensure that the software provides the latest version of the validated food composition database for your clients. This helps to analyze foods from around the world.

  • Meal plan creator:

    Creating meal plans for various clients can be time-consuming for professionals. Having a custom meal plan builder allows you to create and reuse meal plans as well as the templates as per the client requirements.

  • Built-in Calculators:

    Manually calculating the nutrition intake can take a lot of time and have errors. To avoid this, the software provides a built-in calculator which offers an end-to-end solution.

  • Security:

    Professionals, as well as the client’s data, is valuable to the business, thus we make sure it’s kept safe. It enables you to store all professional and client contact, detail information in one secure place and protect it from misuse.

  • Client Mobile App:

    You might create the best diets ever and it won’t be effective, this happens due to lack of communication. This software helps to communicate with your clients. One can register and book an appointment with a click on the screen. Payments, collecting feedbacks, adjusting the diets and motivating the clients can be done swiftly through the mobile app.

We ensure in assisting the growth of your nutrition business as well as the client’s progress. If your business could benefit from this, then feel free to contact us.