How Membroz can help you integrate a payment gateway into your website?

Payment Gateway Integration


Today’s blog is for all the service providers that offer subscription-based services. This blog will help you understand how Membroz can help can in setting up and accepting Recurring Payments. Companies that have regular repeat customers can use recurring payment services to speed up the payment collection from their customers. Before we dive further into this, if this isn’t the blog you were looking for, check out our previous blogs here.

Manage Renewals Automatically

Manage Renewals Automatically

Membroz lets you set up auto-renewal of services for your regular customers based on their preferences. It lets you keep track of all the upcoming renewals of your customers. You can also change the renewal time based on how your customer wants it (monthly, quarterly, half-yearly, or yearly). Once a renewal is set up for a customer you can also send reminders to them when their renewal is due. This can be set up to be sent 1 week before the due date. Ensuring that your customers are notified well in advance.

Membroz also lets you see the customers that have an outstanding due and helps you send reminder messages/emails regarding the same. As a business owner, you can set up the system to send a monthly statement of accounts to your customers for payment collection. If a customer chooses auto-debit to be set up with their account, it lets you collect recurring payments from your customers. The system will automatically notify the customer of the upcoming auto-debit against their renewal. You can also view a detailed financial and revenue report of your customers through the dashboard that gives you an overview of the payment to be collected against the services provided.

Accept digital payment with the help of integration

Accept digital payment

Digital was not something that would have spread if not for the need of the hour. With people trying to avoid physical contact, digital transaction has been the norm of the hour. More and more businesses are adopting this method as they try to encompass the majority of customers. You can integrate online payment methods into your system. Payment servers like PayU, Stripe, Webxpay, Magpie, and Paguelofacil can be integrated for faster check-out time ensuring a faster conversion rate.

You can also choose your preferred multiple payment integrations from the popular system which supports different currencies, merchant locations, and many more features. You can also select a system that best suits your business’s needs for integration.

Visit this page to see which payment systems are suitable for your business.

With the integration of digital payments, you can also send links for payment via SMS or email straight to your customer’s phones who can pay from the comfort of their homes and the security of their phones. Digital payment methods enable safe and secure transactions to take place as the whole ordeal is conducted in an encrypted manner.


benefit of digital paymentBenefits of going digital and setting up with Membroz recurring payment module are endless but some of the more important ones are,

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