Grow Your Business With AI

Membroz's AI

With Membroz’s Automation, the Organization benefited from saving time and money spent on repetitive, voluminous tasks, thus allowing employees to work on more complex tasks.
Artificial Intelligence (AI), on the other hand, simulates human thought processes. It analyzes a large amount of data to learn and recommend what’s best for the organization. We called it AI automation.
For Membership Organizations, AI can make a big difference in solving their big problems:

1. Member retention:  Membroz Member retention

AI to identify members who are likely to stop coming to class. AI can identify members it thinks are losing their motivation before the business actually loses them. This can be done with a large volume of data collected on member behaviors, mobile app usage, survey participation, class attendance, and social interactions.

With these details in hand, Businesses can take quick actions. Initiate interaction with members, give a phone call, and send encouraging text. Offer them discount coupons to attend upcoming events or classes.

2. Exceptional Customer Service with Chatbots: Membroz Exceptional Customer Service with Chat bots

AI can handle low-level communication steps, reducing employee stress. Website Chatbots messenger can collect customer details, their preference, and body composition, and propose the best package and trainer/coach available instantly. It can also integrated with the Member mobile app to help effective interaction with members without requiring human presence.

3. CRM & Member Onboarding with AI Tools: Membroz CRM Member Onboarding with AI Tools.

Membership Management origination looking to accelerate digital transformation can take advantage of AI tools to improve their inquiry management and membership onboarding process. They can utilize large data gathered on user locations, likes/dislikes, interests & engagement. AI can propose personalized packages & loyalty programs during the member onboarding process and generate digital contracts seamlessly.

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Thanks for your attention!
If you like it, please spread the word!