Franchise Management System – How Membroz can help?


Just like our previous blogs before we dive into the nitty-gritty of a Franchise Management System Software and how Membroz can help you. Let us first understand and define what the topic means. If you as a business owner are successful in your niche (more on this later) and want to expand your branches elsewhere but there are monetary reasons that are stopping you from doing so.

The best possible way to carry your own with the expansion without a bank loan is by franchising your business. Where you share the know-how about the procedure and what processes work in your business. The franchise is sharing your intellectual aspect of the business with an individual or group providing the monetary part. The best-known examples of a franchise mechanism in working are fast food chains and the likes.

Just because fast food places are the best known for franchising doesn’t mean it cannot be done by other businesses. Other niches such as gyms, yoga centers, restaurants, hotels, etc. can really make use of this business model. When you decide to franchise doesn’t mean that the new location will be independent of itself.

Since it is you who is the owner of the technical aspect which is legally protected no one who franchises through you runs independently. They have to report to you for all changes in procedures and any inventory if need be. That’s the beauty of owning a franchise chain. You’re always in control with fewer financial constraints.

Whether you’re already an established franchise chain owner or an emerging one, managing your franchises is off of utmost importance. Without management and constant checks, you lose the authenticity of the brand which made you successful in the first place.

How Franchise System can help?

Now, that we know what franchise or enterprise with multiple locations is all about. Here’s how Membroz can help you with your franchise or your enterprise. As you might be aware Membroz is a SaaS service. It has a range of features on its portfolio that are sure enough to increase your franchise operational capabilities while still helping you manage them very easily. There are two ways/plans that you can use the services offered by Membroz.

Enterprise Owned

It is a plan which is available at your disposal with a one-time fee (contact us here to know more about it). Once you purchase it you own it for a lifetime. Membroz with its customer service team is going to be with you through this lifetime.


Membroz is a SaaS service as previously mentioned, with this plan membroz offers its service through a cloud-based server. You pay for the plan as a subscription on a yearly basis. The plan is further divided into Basic, Standard, Branded, and Enterprise. Choose what plan works best for your business or if you wish to pay a one-time fee you can always buy the Enterprise Owned Plan.


In order for you as a business owner to make changes to your organization, it is very important for you to see how those changes are going to impact your business only then do you take the call. Similarly, before you decide to run your enterprise through services offered by Membroz; it is extremely important that you see how Membroz can benefit your business.

Run your network from a single place

Having a franchise is good for your business for how do you manage them. You cannot just visit every franchise to run the numbers and see if the deals working or not. In order to handle the vast network of your franchise, you need to do it with efficiency. With the Membroz franchise plan, every location gets its individual login along with a head office login. This lets you monitor all your franchise locations all at once in one spot. Helping you better understand which location needs more attention.

Inventory management includes Purchase Request/Order

This feature is quite self-explanatory in itself. No matter what business, there is always inventory that needs to be at hand. Failing to stock the inventory in time can lead to a loss of sales or poor service on your part. To help avoid these low inventory problems orders are placed by the system as soon as it goes below the minimum threshold with the vendors in the data. Thereby ensuring there is a continuous flow of inventory come what may.

Improve financial performance

The overview of every location-wise franchise, helps you understand what is working and what isn’t for that area. At Membroz it has always been one of the goals to help businesses save costs. With reports about the finances of every location, helps you in analyzing the flow of cash and what can be done to save cost in the most effective way possible.


While word of mouth promotion is important for a business with a loyal customer base. It doesn’t take away the fact that marketing is an equally important aspect in order to help spread the word about your business to new locations or educate people about your business. Marketing helps you prioritize your market cap for locations that need it the most, for example, a new location of a franchisee needs to be marketed more for people to see than a new offer or a deal. Staying on top of priorities like this when it comes to marketing helps save costs for your business.

Staff Scheduling

In order for a business to help serve a customer to the best of its abilities, it has to manage its employees as well. The staff scheduling feature helps you plan your shifts for your staff and their leave period. It is also useful for businesses that have rotational shifts for their staff, helping them plan optimal office timings to get the best out of their employees.


Understanding sources of income is important because it helps a business know its most selling and most profitable features. This assists you in planning for your features accordingly. It can also highlight features, products, or services that aren’t selling as planned, then you decide whether to revamp them or get rid of them altogether.

Internal Communication

The success mantra or the main reason behind the success of a franchise is that the service or product is standard in every location. In order to make sure that all the locations are following the procedure to the T, communication should be of utmost priority. With the plans on offer for your franchise, it can help communicate these notices are changes internally from the top level to the lowest rank in the hierarchy. Ensuring that all the employees are in conjunction with each other.

Top-level reporting

These make it easy for associates to create reports for their managers. It also makes sure that the reports are by default sent to their immediate managers once the report is complete. Helping managers understand the growth and loss points.

Which industries benefit from the Franchise System?

This feature is for any business owner that plans on expanding their business via the franchise model or the traditional ownership model. At the start of this blog, we gave an example about fast food place. Truth be told, any business whether it be gyms, training centers, pre-school or nursery, hotels, spa, tourist agencies, and other businesses as mentioned on our solutions page can make use of these plans to expand, monitor, and grow their business. To know more and to better serve you contact Membroz.