Electronic Health Records


Today’s blog doesn’t need more of an introduction for which industry it belongs to. Electronic Health Records or EHR as they call it in the future for nutrition, dietitians, and the health industry. For as long as one can remember, medical institutes or any institute for that matter relied heavily on physical files, which can prove a struggle to be found if you need the files on demand

However, with the advent of computers and further advancement in the industry through excel sheets and software developments it has got rid of most files.

What is Electronic Health Record (EHR)?

Electronic Health Records are the future of storing patient/client records to be referenced in the future at any given time. EHR can be made limitless with cloud storage and since Membroz offers a SaaS service it becomes easy to integrate Electronic Health Records with your business for you to be able to access data.

EHR makes it very easy to search a patient file, categorize them as per your business requirements, check the progress and history of the person. Electronic storing health record also has the added benefit of being security protected and not anyone can access them unless permission is granted.

How EHR can help health industries?

The health industries in India really lack integration between institutes. Electronic Health Records can truly help health industries achieve that. Patients won’t have to carry their medical history every time they visit a doctor. EHR can be the centralized link between health care institutes helping save time in diagnosing which is vital in an emergency situation.

Moreover, Electronic Health Record can help doctors link their medication for a patient directly to a medical so that eliminates forgery of prescriptions and also help patients get their medicines without having to carry a prescription.

How EHR can help nutritionists/dietitians?

Apart from being a central link between every nutritionist, Electronic Health Records can also help nutritionist understand their patients better. With nutritionists/dietitians, it is very important for them to have a close eye on their patients’ eating habits, what needs to be changed, what works, and what doesn’t work.

Having a system like an Electronic Health Record can truly help dietitians serve a maximum number of patients with the best of services. Quick access and the ability to track progress on the go is the real game-changer.

At Membroz we not only help you store your patient’s data securely but also help personalize it for you per your requirements. Membroz even helps you organize your data. If you’d like to know more you can contact us using the contact form or email us at contact@membroz.com