EasyHRMS: Your One Stop For All HR Needs

EasyHRMS Your One Stop For All HR Needs

Have you as a company been wanting to know your employees working hours? Do you want to track sales and reward your employees efficiently? Or Do you just want to gain control over the company assets and cash flow.

Then EasyHRMS: HRMS Solutions is your one stop solution.

EasyHRMS is a module developed by Membroz keeping in mind the Franchises and Enterprises which large work force and locations to track. It is designed to give the HR department an easy means to manage employees and their activities.

EasyHRMS: HRMS Solutions is the only weapon you need in your arsenal when it comes to HR management tasks. Let us show you some of the features of EasyHRMS that help you do just that.

Payroll and Incentive/Commission Management

Tracking the salary of the employees on your payroll can sometimes be cumbersome especially when there is an incentive structure to be considered for businesses such as Gym, Travel Industry, Resorts etc., EasyHRMS saves you the hassle by defining employees within a parameter preset by the HR/company owner.

Based on these parameters EasyHRMS auto calculates the salary of an employee by taking into consideration their base pay, incentive for working shifts (if applicable) and by adding commissions for sales made (if applicable). Now all HR must do is review the salary calculated and approve if correct.

Leave Request and Approval

Leaves are a vital part of the companies pay structure. In order to make sure that an employee does not overuse the benefit provided, EasyHRMS has all the details. It has the number of leaves available per employee over a period of one year and subtracts leaves as they are availed.

With the EasyHRMS module, the employee can request a leave which then goes to the manager for approval. Based on the task pending and requirement of employees, a manager can then approve or disapprove that leave. Once approved the information is passed on to the HR department. EasyHRMS allows free flow of leave information right from employee to the HR and vice versa.

Management Module for HR Department

What EasyHRMS does well is that it automates the everyday mundane activities that are carried out by HR team. Rather than feeding in data every time a new employee joins or when an existing employee makes any changes to his details.

EasyHRMS allows the employee to feed his/her basic details which is then approved by the manager after which the details are passed on the HR team. The HR team can then update the details provided in their database by transferring the data from EasyHRMS with the click of a button.

Attendance Management

The name of this feature is a clear giveaway here of its capabilities. Attendance management helps the manager and HR team know an employee’s attendance pattern at any given time. They can track and warn employees that seem to be taking too many leaves to put an end to it.

This helps make sure that every employee gives out maximum output for the hours clocked in. EasyHRMS software highlights employees that have an excellent track record and even troublesome ones with the click of a button.

Employee Task Management

There are franchises and enterprises that strive on setting tasks for their employees so that they know what exactly is expected of them. EasyHRMS lets the manager set tasks for his/her team along with a deadline. The employees can then use the same feature to view their tasks and update the progress they make over the course of the day.

They can also view the time left to complete the tasks. This information is again passed on to the manager that gets an overview of all his/her teams overall as well as individual progress. This creates a real time feedback loop that relays information live to both parties.

Mobile Application

Above all when you subscribe to EasyHRMS module for your Enterprise or your Franchise, you get the added benefit of using these features over a mobile application. Based on an employee’s position there are editing rights given to them and only those changes that be done by that employee. Mobile application ensures that progress can be viewed/reviewed on the go.

Contact us or give us a call to know more about how EasyHRMS is going to change the game for your company and help you expand your business.