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Today’s blog is all about teachers, trainers, institutes, associations, and gym trainers. This feature offered by Membroz is designed to help conduct and schedule events, programs, and classes. It brings all the necessary requirements to conduct a successful event/program under one roof. Let’s look at some of the features on offer,

Set and check availabilityOnline class scheduling software

Setting up and scheduling for an upcoming event or class you are going to conduct easily. Once the scheduled class is set up, you can share the link with people you know that are interested in the program or class. This feature lets people check if there are any vacant slots available for an event/class. This also allows people to select the day they wish to attend the class/event as per their availability.

As an organizer, you can set the maximum number of people that can attend your event and once the threshold is reached, the software automatically stops taking further entries.

Easy to share enrolment linkAutomated Class Scheduling Software

After setting up a class, as an organizer, you can start taking enrolments by sharing links to people who attended previous events/classes or who have shown interest. These people can then advertise about your event/class through word of mouth and share the link with people they know that are interested. This easy enrolment link helps people sign-up within a matter of minutes.

Who can use this program/class scheduler?Fitness Classes Scheduling Software

As the name itself suggests, associations, communities, organizations, housing societies, or even institutes planning on conducting live events during trying times like the pandemic, can make full use of this feature.

The Class scheduler can be used by coaching classes, schools, or career consulting agencies. This can also be used by offices to train their staff with new processes before they are introduced in the company.

Schedule flexible group classes for your gym, fitness center, yoga, dance, or martial arts studio to engage new and existing customers. Beginner, immediate and advanced participants can find which classes are offered and are suitable to their needs.

Simple, Flexible, and Mobile friendly Bookingbooking software

As an organizer, you get all the tools necessary to conduct a successful class/event for the people. It is simple and easy to set up. You can set simple rules of who can enroll for your class or event. Once the setup is complete and the people are aware of your event, they can use the mobile app to log in to these sessions/events at the comfort of their homes.

This allows you to get a greater demographic of people and also reach more people than you would get if you just conducted sessions/events at actual venues.

Live Class and Recording

The scheduler/event organizer also lets you interact with your audience and keep your sessions flowing as you would if you conducted it physically at a venue. Having a two-way interactive live session lets you take feedback for those that join and also keep them engaged thereby increasing retention time at your organized event/class.

As an organizer it also lets you record these live sessions and put them up on your social media handles for people that we’re unable to attend your event. This ensures complete crowd involvement for everyone thereby increasing the popularity of your event/class among people.

Industries that can benefit by using this module.

If even one of the above features connects with you and you would like to give this a shot before your next big event/class. Then head over to our contact us page and our customer service team will give you a call to help you get set up and also guide you through your initial sessions to help you familiarise yourself with the software.

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