Club & Hotel Industry

How Membroz can help you integrate a payment gateway into your website?

  Today’s blog is for all the service providers that offer subscription-based services. This blog will help you understand how Membroz can help can in setting up and accepting Recurring Payments. Companies that have regular repeat customers can use recurring...

Inquiry Management System – Automate Enquiry Management Process

Customer Service: Best business growth strategy ever! Everyone wants to be heard while they speak. Similarly, many customers prefer businesses that value their customers i.e., good customer service. Now many businesses spend a significant amount of money, time, and effort...

Benefits of Online Booking Software – Appointment Scheduling

Benefits of Online Booking / Appointment Scheduling Hello and welcome to our blog to all our subscribers and to all those who are new and want to know about us, in one sentence. Membroz is the ultimate solution to all...

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