Benefits of Online Booking Software – Appointment Scheduling

Benefits of Online Booking / Appointment Scheduling

Hello and welcome to our blog to all our subscribers and to all those who are new and want to know about us, in one sentence. Membroz is the ultimate solution to all your business management needs. To know more check out our about us page or this blog How to Grow Your Business with Membroz?. Today’s blog topic is about automating an area of your business that takes up most of your time i.e., managing appointments.

While the traditional way of taking an appointment may seem redundant and strenuous that is because it is. Membroz offers a SaaS solution to your booking problems by taking it online. You needn’t worry about being on the phone as it constantly rings from the vast majority of customers calling you to place appointments. Membroz makes it easy as it lets you take control of what you do with your time and when. As it takes the entire process online it eliminates the need to hire a person to handle phone calls.


All you’ve to do is set your working hours and Membroz will do the rest. With Membroz, you get the added benefit of apps that can be used by your customers to book an appointment. It allows your customers to make changes to the booking and leave notes so that you know what exactly your client needs. Before we begin, let’s first talk about the disadvantages & advantages of online booking.

Disadvantages of Online Booking Software

Yes, there are a few disadvantages to setting up online booking software. One particular disadvantage of online booking is that it opens up your business to a whole new world of eyes i.e., the people on the internet. You might be wondering how is it a disadvantage when it brings in cash flow. It is a disadvantage in the sense that you will need more people to help you handle your clients especially if you’re a small-scale enterprise. Another disadvantage is that it is difficult to reach out to customers without the internet which is a rarity these days.

Advantages of Online Booking software

With online booking software, your business can reach a whole new set of customers with so many searching for businesses online. Adding online booking software makes it instantaneous for them to make bookings and or schedule appointments for your services. With online booking software, your business is always available to your clients irrespective if you’re closed or not. Clients can make a booking for the next business day and your staff doesn’t have to be present to acknowledge the booking.

With the online booking/appointment scheduling software payment for the services offered can be set as prepaid which reduces the chances of no-shows for appointments. No Shows are common with the traditional methods of appointments wherein customers change their minds at the last minute. Making services prepaid with online booking takes last-minute cancellations out of the equation.

Benefits of Online Booking Software

Now that we’ve got an overview of the advantages/disadvantages of online booking software. Let’s dive deeper into the benefits that follow suit after you get your business on board.

  • Analysis

With online booking/appointment scheduling software you can analyze your business and get numbers on how many repeats customers/new customers used it. It also helps in determining what your clients need or do not need. This also helps you determine the most popular service among your clientele.

  • For all kinds of business

If you’re wondering whether Membroz’s appointment scheduling / online booking software is for you think no more. Our booking module is made specifically for each business vertical whether you’re a lawyer, a restaurant owner, a doctor, or a resort we’ve got you covered. Check out our individual vertical pages related to your business for a more detailed explanation. You can also give us a call for a demo.

  • Faster Payments

As previously stated making your services prepaid reduces last minutes cancellations. What this also does is that it allows for faster receipt of payment from clients. Linking your bank with payment gateways means that you will receive online payments as soon as your client completes the online booking process.

  • One-Stop App

With Membroz you can also provide your very own software which can be used by your clients to make appointments, booking, or make a reservation for a table. Apps make it quicker for clients and also give your business over other businesses that are still operating traditionally. This can also propel you to the top of your niche by offering your clients’ customer support through your app.

Apart from the disadvantage (not exactly a disadvantage) of having to hire new employees as you open up your business to a large audience. Having an appointment scheduling software makes your business easily accessible to your clients. Couple this new found audience with the ability to give them the support anytime through our app offering you’ve placed your business above the rest.

Get on board with membroz and its offering and it is up and up from that point on.