7 Magical ways Membroz can level up your Community Membership Management!

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Online communities have become an integral part of any smart business development strategy. A recent study reported that more than two-thirds of the population on the internet are part of one or the other online communities. These online communities have become the most effective mode of communication and advertisement for brands and consumers within some specific industries. Even the market giants have started following the trend, and almost 75% of corporate- giants have an online community.

It is a no-brainer that if you are running a business, you should consider building an online community. While it may sound simple, and you may consider managing your community manually on an Excel sheet, the truth is far from it. As soon as your community starts expanding rapidly, and complicated scenarios like letting multiple people access the membership data enter the picture, things will start getting messier.

So, how to quickly expand your online community and drive engagement easily without trading your mental peace?

Invest in membership management software.

Membroz offers community management software that helps you make your community bright, systematic, & paperless by simplifying everyday chores.

From online communities to temples, NGOs to malls and business complexes, everyone loves how Membroz has revolutionized their community management. Let us have a look at 7 magical ways in which our community membership management software helps you grow your community better too.

1. Hassle-free membership management

Membership Management System

Leave behind the old-fashioned and complicated paperwork by creating a web-based, mobile-friendly form where applicants can provide all the information you’ll need and make secure online payments. Membroz offers you a customized membership management tool that secures member data, reports, member directory, profiles, tracks membership dues, and renewal.

You can customize your member application form with multiple membership levels, discount codes, required administrator approval and set up automated emails to welcome new members as soon as their application is approved.

2. Easily track dues and renewals

renewals management software

Chasing down your customers to renew their memberships can be frustrating and time-consuming. Membroz helps you automate your renewal reminders and invoices. Not only this, but you can also easily track the payment status of the current memberships, the refunds, and cancellations.

Membroz helps you manage expenses, invoices, bills, and salaries. You can generate balance sheets, income, and cash flow statements effortlessly with Membroz.

3. Send out bulk emails 

Email Marketing

Emails are usually the most underrated marketing strategy, yet emails have stood the test of time. Email marketing is still just as popular if not more than social media marketing. Reaching out to your community personally in their inbox will promote a deep bonding among your community.

Membroz allows you to design beautiful and impactful campaigns relevant to your target audience. We have made sending bulk emails customized to your target audience quicker. Easily Create, Send & Analyze Your Mass Email Campaigns with Membroz.

4. Manage Event registrations effortlessly

Event Management Software Free

From small workshops and webinars to multi-day summits with hundreds of attendees, event registration software makes event planning faster and more efficient for the whole team. Taking care of the entire offline and online event lifecycle, right from the very first idea to the execution of the event, can help you own your event at every stage.

Membroz membership management software assists you in every step of your event lifecycle – from adding and editing events, sharing event venue and map location, to allowing an attendee to book a slot for themselves. Membroz makes sure your event is memorable.

5. Managing your Member Directory

Member Directory Management Tool

Probably, the most difficult task while managing a rapidly growing community is keeping a track of your member details organized and secure. Setting up a searchable online member directory makes communication among the team hassle-free and less time-consuming.

With Membroz, all your membership data is stored safely in the cloud, allowing you to search, update, and share your database with teammates from any device easily.

6. Raise Funds & Donations

Donations Management Software

With thousands of projects, within your community and indeed all around the world that deserve support, raising funds for a good cause will bring you a good night’s sleep. Raising money often brings a community closer than before. It’s a great way to connect with your community while raising all-important cash.

Membroz has made raising funds or donating to a purpose easier. Now, you can set targets and budgets through online payment processing systems. Set up for a noble cause while we make crowdfunding easier for you.

7. Manage Bookings & Calendar events

Booking Management Tool Free

We often forget some important events while working on a tight schedule. Booking management software can save you the stress of missing out on an important event. It helps you efficiently build and maintain your schedule. It also makes the appointment scheduling and rescheduling process convenient for your community.

Membroz effectively reduces the hassle of managing booking and calendar events for you by automating and customizing the scheduling process for events, appointments, and meetings.

If you are still wondering how to manage and grow your community effectively, Membroz is your one-stop solution for all your membership management needs. Think no further. Invest in the best for your community.

To know more head on over to our Community Management Software page or contact us page and leave your details with us one of our representatives will call you.

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