5 Reasons Why Every Business Needs An Online Booking System

Online Booking System

Going digital in this rapidly advancing age is no longer an option – it is the need of the hour. Whether you are a small business, a big one or even a freelancer digitalizing your business can save you a lot of time and effort. Does the idea of going digital seem daunting to you? Trust me, integrating a booking system, or creating a website for your business is pretty simple! There is no reason you should delay it any further if you haven’t started yet.

In case you are still looking for some more strong ground to integrate a booking system with your website, consider these 5 points.

Your customers want an online booking system! 

Free Online Booking Website

Are you still making your customer get a booking through calls and emails? Uh! You are causing them a lot of hassle, or simply put, driving them away. A recent survey found that the service companies who enabled an online booking system saw an increase of 37% in average revenue, with the highest approaching 125%.

An online booking system allows your customers to book in a matter of minutes, at their convenience. It is efficient, streamlines the entire process, from client onboarding to payment, and gets your profits multiplying.

Brings More Revenue Opportunities

Increase Revenue Opportunity

Would you like to add some fries to your order? This simple question adds about 15-40% of revenue to McDonald’s. Your business can also multiply profits with upselling and cross-selling tactics if you know what your fries are. One perfect vehicle for your upselling efforts is an online booking system.

You can think of the booking system as an addition to your existing sales team. It can take booking in those odd hours of the day when your sales team is unavailable. Besides, it also creates more upselling opportunities. Adding or suggesting something extra while booking is a time-tested method of increasing your profits.

Most booking platforms today come with an integrated instant and secure payment functionality. You can receive upfront payments or get full pre-payments instantly and securely. 

Get No-show proof

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With cut-throat competition in almost every sector, you need every booking you can get. Losing customers due to a no-show is a blow you should try to avoid by all means. An integrated booking system will not make your business 100% no-show proof, but you can definitely reduce your no-show rates.  

Most booking systems offer a follow-up option that includes email and SMS reminders and notifications. Besides, customers are less likely to not show up if they have already paid an upfront amount. If some customer cancels an appointment, the freed-up slot can easily be grabbed by another customer. This further shields your business from incurring losses.

Reduces human errors

Communication Management

Imagine losing a high-paying customer due to some miscommunication with your sales department. Maybe your staff misheard the preferred time slot due to a weak connection, or a handwritten 1:00 was mistaken for 7:00? 

Humans are prone to errors, the software is not, or at least they make fewer. With a tool managing bookings for you, you will be dealing with far fewer slip-ups.

Data Insights and Personalised suggestions

Reports Management

One cannot simply deny that personalized experience promotes customer loyalty. If you know what type of customers are booking a particular service, or during what time do you receive most bookings? What are your top services, and which of them are not performing well?

A detailed analysis of your booking history can give you answer to all the above questions and more. You can curate better business strategies and improve the profit figures for your business with the insights derived from the analysis reports.

Who should use the online booking system?

Are you wondering if your business needs an online booking system? Below listed are industries in which businesses can reap the benefits of an online booking system.

How Membroz Online booking system can help your business grow?

Booking Management Tool Free

Your choice of tool can make or break your online booking efforts. Membroz provides a booking system that ensures the accessibility of real-time information to customers and employees. 

With Membroz online booking system, you can create customized, SEO-friendly booking websites. Membroz brings websites with innovative UI design concepts that create an unparalleled user experience and promote customer loyalty. You can list your services on the website and allow users to make online bookings instantly.

Does your business already have a website? That’s great! You are already on the right track. Take the next step by integrating booking and payment gateways to your website. 


Online booking systems are no longer a luxury. They have become a necessity for every ambitious business owner. If you are willing to multiply your profits and grow your business, Membroz is here to help.

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