Analytics & BI

What is Analytics & BI

Business Intelligence deals with ‘what and how’ it happened in the past leading to the present moment. Whereas Business Analytics deals with the ‘why’ of what happened in the past. It looks for reasons and makes predictions of what will happen in the future. These both are data management solutions executed in companies to collect historical and present data, while using static software to make better decisions for the future. Membroz provides Business Intelligence software that accesses the data and builds interactive reports for the better understanding of the organization.

Types of Analytics & BI Reports

Data is very crucial and should be implemented correctly to achieve the required results. Business Intelligence Reports software transforms the raw data into meaningful and useful information that helps to identify and develop new opportunities. Some of the types of BI Reports are dashboards, report packs, charts, and scorecards. There are a number of advantages a company can gain if they approach their reporting correctly and strategically. The main goal of BI reports is to deliver comprehensive data that can be easily accessed, interpreted, and provide actionable insights.

Graphical Dashboard

A dashboard is a group of resources combined into one unified visual display. The resources’ data can then be dynamically updated and displayed together. A dashboard connects to files, attachments, and various resources’ data but only displays them in the form of tables, charts and bars. Hence, multiple data from various sources can be presented in a simple understandable manner which reduces the hours of analyzing. Dashboards are powerful because they allow a consumer to access a whole host of different information, grouped together by purpose.

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Analytics Report

Analytics Reports evaluates a business process using relevant company data to help employees make the right decision. They are based on historical data, statistics that provide predictive analysis for a certain issue. These reports are easy to view, understand and summarize information about the business. Besides analysis and information, it also includes recommendations, and that’s what makes it different from informational reports. It allows you to drill through the data and provides flexibility in presenting the information.


These reports can help better understand a company past to help predict where it is headed. Reports also help analyze the present data to help course correct if a business is deviating from its plans. It helps understand the problem areas of a business and areas that seem to be doing very well. Reports are a great way to evaluate a business without digging in deeper. Having a system that produces these reports on demand that save companies millions by highlighting pain points before they become too big to contain.

Digest Email

An email digest is a single email that summarizes the activity for a selected notification and its target record during a specified time interval. You can enable an email digest to reduce the number of notifications received when frequent updates to the associated record occur within a short time period. It helps in nurturing the relationships with customers and increases traffic on your website which in return boosts the sales.

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